Highlights: A Preview of the Year Ahead



As life unfolds around us, it is helpful to be aware of astrology and universal timing. Learning about the themes, patterns, challenges and opportunities brought to us by certain planetary placements can help us to anticipate and embrace change. The only constant is that change will happen. By using astrology, preparing for and navigating the ups and downs of life become easier.

Looking back on 2013

An intense square between Uranus and Pluto that began in 2012 continued throughout 2013. The urge for radical change was present on a global and personal level. Organizations, systems and authority were especially up for scrutiny and a prevailing need to be free from oppression predominated. A volatile and unpredictable energy was present as people bucked against the status quo. This feeling of rebellion will continue through 2015.

Emotions, intuition and healing were all strong themes and people were encouraged to connect with themselves and others on a deep, spiritual level. The potential for empathy and compassion increased for everyone, setting the stage for positive change through human collaboration. People were presented with the opportunity to shift their consciousness and tap into their inner powers, if they were willing to let go of the familiar and trust in the unknown. Some of this energy will continue into mid-2014.

What 2014 will be like

The need for freedom continues throughout 2014. It can manifest on a global level in the form of political protests, workers striking, minority movements and national liberation. On a personal level, people will seek more autonomy and freedom from limiting relationships and situations. Change can occur rapidly and it may feel as if yourself or others have finally lost their patience for long established systems of oppression.

Since the middle of 2012, people have felt the need to examine deeper levels of reality and explore their emotional attachments. During the first six weeks of 2014, closely bonded partnerships and one-to-one relationships will be a focus as all of us are drawn to increase intimacy. For this first part of the year, a healing energy continues to be present that helps us to reveal our hidden emotions and release fears of abandonment and betrayal.

From mid-February through the end of 2014, partnerships will still be highlighted, but the emphasis will be on teamwork and collaboration. Issues of fairness, balance and harmonious compromise will rise to the forefront. 2014 will be helpful to increase understanding and flexibility in your dealings with partners and/or groups. You?re likely to find the most success when you team up with others instead of trying to go it alone.

For all of 2014, the desire to explore power dynamics within your relationships continues. Since late 2012, we have all been encouraged to let go of the fear of giving up control and allow ourselves to be more vulnerable within our close partnerships. Challenging circumstances may arise to test our ability to overcome feelings of powerlessness or helplessness.
This is an excellent year to identify and face fears of rejection, loss, abandonment, grief or betrayal. By taking ownership and fully feeling any hidden emotions, the potential for transformation is great. Other issues around addictions and debt may arise and it will be possible to see the long-term benefits of curbing any excessive behaviors. Denial will no longer be an effective way of being ? we will all have a much easier go of things if we take concrete steps to change the things we are not happy with… either by changing the situation, or our attitude toward it.
For most of the year, you will likely seek balance within your relationships. This can be balancing what you give and receive from others, how you negotiate and achieving a sense of empowerment when making shared decisions. This year, you?ll be encouraged let go of any tendencies to take things personally and learn to see things from another?s perspective. By overcoming feelings of self-consciousness, it will be easier to tune in to what others have to offer and make the most of your powerful alliances.
For success in 2014, it will be important to take a step back and avoid making impulsive decisions. The urge to change will be immense and it may feel as if you can?t stand the status quo for one more second! It is important to acknowledge your feelings of dissatisfaction and commit yourself to living more in alignment with your true desires. However, if you can get some perspective, you will realize that a well thought out plan is your best bet for a stable and lasting outcome. Working with others is going to be the winning ticket. It may seem faster and more comfortable to go it alone, but in reality the biggest opportunities for growth will come from collaborating with others.