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With an awareness of the challenges and opportunities that certain planetary transits can bring, we can make the most of universal timing. Astrology can help us to “get in the flow” and work with prevailing energies.

During some periods, one part of our character needs to be strengthened – and other times – the other end of the polarity needs strengthening. There are times to move forward and times to resolve the past. It can be helpful to know that difficult times can be related to temporary transits and focus on the opportunities for growth they bring. Tuning in to the planetary influences gives us a “road map” to navigate our ever-changing lives.



Last year contained intense energies that prompted unrest and rebellion against the status quo. As Uranus, planet of revolution, squared off against Pluto, planet of structure and authority, the world saw more uprisings and demands for personal freedom.

The Uranus-Pluto square began back in May of 2010 and will complete in May of 2018. 2015 was a “peak” year for this aspect and we’ll be feeling the ripple effects for the next few years. Our systems including governments, religious organizations, corporations and societal rules have been undergoing a transformation. As outdated and corrupt institutions become exposed, their weaknesses are being revealed and they begin to collapse.

From the beginning of the year, Uranus and Pluto were tightly squaring each other, building tension. The final exact aspect of the Uranus-Pluto square occurred March of 2015, right around the time we were experiencing two powerful eclipses. With Uranus’s volatile energy erupting and the eclipses heightening our emotional reactions, it was an intense spring!

January began with Mercury Retrograde energy (January 21 – February 11) that could be felt as early as January 7th and as late as February 25th. This put a slowing effect on any New Year’s resolutions and encouraged us to clean up the past before moving forward.

For most of 2015, there was a focus on partnership, compromise, fair negotiations and balance within relationships. Teamwork became paramount to our success and lessons emerged to teach us about healthier relationships. Individuality and keeping our sense of self within a partnership was emphasized. A climate of respect and mutual understanding began to develop, as we were encouraged to take each other’s feelings and perspectives into account.

From mid-November to the end of the year, the overall energy shifted our focus to our health and daily routines. Reliability and attention to detail became valuable tools for success. There was a strong “grounding” energy present to help us set routines and stay present in the moment. Health and wellness issues became prominent as more people realized the importance of caring for their bodies by eating more healthful foods and incorporating physical exercise into their daily lives. All of these themes will continue in 2016.

Throughout most of 2015, we were encouraged to pursue spiritual and intellectual development. Overall, a trend of more disciplined, structured routes to achieving our goals prevailed. We learned that structure can be liberating making our dreams a priority and following a plan can empower and propel us toward a more fulfilling life. People were interested in expanding their knowledge and life experience through higher education, travel or finding a mentor or “guru.”

2015 was a potent year for making long-term plans, especially when it involved shifting to a life that supported our ideals. We were encouraged to commit to what we really want and prove our dedication through hard work.

From mid-June through mid-September, the focus shifted back to themes of 2014 involving trust and balancing power in our intimate relationships. The summer of 2015 was a healing time period that was helpful for working through issues from the past with a loved one. From mid-September through the end of the year, a more forward-thinking consciousness returned and a lighter, more optimistic energy encouraged our personal and spiritual growth.

2015 was a year to commit to our passions and take responsibility for our happiness. It was a time to shed outmoded beliefs and unhealthful habits or relationships. This often proved to be difficult work, but when we teamed up with others, we benefited by sharing support and resources. Partners, friends and our communities taught us the value of compromise and cooperation.



The tension created by the Uranus-Pluto square will be present through April of 2016. As the year begins, we are likely to revisit feelings of restlessness, impatience, anger and the desire to make radical changes. Issues that came to a head during 2012-2015 could resurface and we may find ourselves presented with another opportunity for change.

From May through the end of 2016, the energy will begin to calm. While we’ll still be feeling the need to transform outdated or corrupt institutions, governments and other societal structures, the public reaction is likely to be less “radical” than in years past.

We’ll be entering 2016 under the influence of Mercury Retrograde (1/5/16 – 1/25/16), which can slow down progress on any New Year’s resolutions. January is not a good time for new beginnings. A better bet is to use this month to finish anything you started last year and prepare for forward momentum in February.

All year, a practical energy will prevail which can have a stabilizing effect. Since mid-November of last year, the focus has been on the action steps needed to carry out our bigger life goals. Successful outcomes are scheduled when we focus and take small steps each day toward a larger goal. This is a powerful combination with other influences that are inspiring our “big picture” thinking. People are ready to boldly dream and follow through with a detailed plan. We’re apt to see more people “walking their talk” and getting down to the nitty gritty of what it takes to carry out their ideals.

We’ll also see trends that promote caring for our bodies through healthful habits. There will be an increased awareness about nutrition, how our food is produced and lifestyle choices that effect our overall wellbeing. The importance of exercise and other self-care routines will be highlighted. Consciously emphasizing these directions this year will empower everything else you do. We could see a shift in cultural priorities that promote healthier living such as corporate wellness plans, more healthful foods in schools, changes to farming practices and efforts to increase in the availability of clean water and healthcare worldwide.

We’re scheduled for a spiritual awakening in 2016. We began this work back in 2015 and this year we’re being called to take it to the next level. Last year we began to explore our ideals and take responsibility for acting on our values. It became more and more difficult to turn a blind eye to systemic problems that were harming all humans and our planet. In 2016, we continue to come out of denial and connect with all of humanity by strategizing for a better world. This applies both to our personal world and to the world at large.

This year’s work will involve dissolving old belief systems that disrupt the sense of “oneness” we can achieve with all life forms. We’ll be learning to take responsibility for our consciousness and face some of life’s more difficult realities in order to take charge and affect positive change. There will be powerful energy available to manifest our dreams as long as we work to stay present and see through any illusions or fantasies — coming either from ourselves or from others. The key will be in staying present in the here and now and seeing things simply as they are, without judgment.

For best results, 2016 is a year to take charge of your time to schedule consistent spiritual and artistic practices. We’ll all be learning that time is one of our most valuable resources. Claiming more of our time for meaningful, spiritual connection will prove to be the best way to strengthen ourselves this year. It’s a powerful year to break free from addiction and begin more healthful patterns, including getting more sleep and setting aside time for meditation or prayer.

For success in 2016, we need to be aware of our daily actions. There will be a tremendous amount of support for efforts to live with more conscious intention. This won’t be a year to race to the finish. We are re-learning how to approach our goals in a way that is sustainable and healthier for ourselves, our relationships, and the planet. With the frantic pace of the past few years, 2016 can offer some much-needed relief.

There will still be some impatient energy at work, but the powerful “down-to-earth” forces present throughout the year will stabilize much of it. We can use 2016 as a turning point in our development and maximize our efforts through careful planning and organization. Determination levels are high and the fires for change have been ignited over the past few years. It is now time to begin carrying out some of the necessary changes and bring order to chaotic situations.


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2016 Astrology Theme - A Preview of the Year Ahead
With an awareness of the challenges and opportunities that certain planetary transits can bring, we can make the most of universal timing. Astrology can help us to "get in the flow" and work with prevailing energies. Here is what 2016 will be like.
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