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Astrology is a valuable tool helping us navigate life and maximizing the energies of certain planetary transits.  By understanding Universal timing, we can recognize when it’s time to move forward and when we need to attend to the past.

The challenges and opportunities that come our way help to move us towards our life purpose.  Astrology is an extension of the natural forces here on Earth.  Planetary transits can usher in different “seasons” of our lives, signaling us to initiate action, wrap up unfinished work or re-evaluate our current path.

It can be helpful to remember that just as the seasons change, a challenging planetary transit also has an end date.  Each planet symbolizes a different aspect of personal growth. Having knowledge of the planetary movements can help us gain valuable insights into our journey through life.



The astrology of 2016 continued some of the trends of the past few years, but new cycles were initiated that encouraged positive steps forward.  Since May of 2010, we’ve been experiencing the influence of the Uranus-Pluto square.  This aspect, which peaked in 2012-2015, has been stirring up the desire for more personal freedom worldwide.  During 2016 revolutionary Uranus was in a tight square to authoritarian Pluto between January and April, heightening social tensions and pointing our attention to established systems that are no longer working for us.

The Uranus-Pluto square began to loosen in May of last year, but this aspect will be in effect until May of 2018.  During this time, there will continue to be an emphasis on exposing corruption, uncovering weaknesses in societal structures and questioning authority.

The spring of 2016 served as a “wake up call” to many.  In March 2016, while Uranus and Pluto were tightly squaring each other, we also experienced two powerful eclipses.  This astrology set the stage for emotionally-fueled actions and reactions in world politics as well as our personal lives.

2016 began with Mercury in retrograde from January 5th to 25th, which was beneficial for tending to unfinished business and unfavorable for the initiation of new endeavors.  February was a more appropriate month to set New Year’s resolutions.  It was challenging to gain traction on our goals during the first half of the year, as we were influenced by a Mars retrograde cycle that lasted from mid-April until the end of June.  Mars only goes retrograde every two years, which made 2016 a unique year to review our ambitions.

For all of 2016, we were encouraged to set stabilizing routines for ourselves and focus on day-to-day activities that could move us closer to a larger goal.  Those who worked diligently throughout the year most likely experienced tangible results.  Health and fitness was a big theme and many people felt more in tune with their bodies.  These themes will continue through May 10th of 2017.

We were challenged to put our ideals into action during 2016.  It was difficult to sit by and philosophize without actually doing something to back up our opinions.  It was a productive year for spiritual growth and philanthropic businesses or organizations.  We were encouraged to look beyond our own backyards and recognize our connection to international issues.  We sought to expand our horizons and it was a motivating year to acquire new skills.

During 2016, many people felt a renewed faith that their hard work would pay off.  There was an emphasis on making long-term commitments and setting goals that would require us to earn them.  We were inspired to meet new challenges and push ourselves to grow.  

In many ways, 2016 was a challenging year.  Feelings of unrest early in the year pushed us to take responsibility for our own lives.  Security was a big theme.  Organizations that offered a false sense of security were examined and many communities learned how to become more self-reliant.  

The benefit of some of 2016’s turbulent energies resulted in people coming together to create practical solutions to societal problems.  We had three eclipses between August 18th and September 16th that helped us to close some chapters of our lives in order to make room for necessary growth and change.



2017 will begin with Uranus and Pluto squared tightly, which will increase the likelihood of conflict between citizens and authority.  People’s patience will be running short and they will be more likely to stand up for their rights.  Authority figures in government, business and/or religious groups will be pressured to change with the times or face pushback from the public.

We’ll experience two eclipses in February 2017, when the Uranus-Pluto square will be tight, which will make it an emotionally-charged month.  The energy will calm a bit in March and from April through the end of the year a more balanced approach to social change will be likely.

Unlike years past, the Uranus-Pluto square will be tempered by a trine between Uranus and Saturn during all of 2017.  Globally, we could see more efforts to revise existing systems and structures.  We’ll be supported in capitalizing on what’s already working as we bring in new ideas.  We could see a lot of change from within established systems rather than a whole new regime change.

As 2017 begins, Mercury will be retrograde (12/19/16 – 1/8/17).  The best timing for New Year’s resolutions will be January 27th, the date of the Aquarius New Moon that month (The hours between 7:07pm on January 27th and 12:52am January 29th, Pacific Standard Time, will be the most powerful times to set your intentions).  Venus will be retrograde March 4th to April 15th.  During these days, we will be encouraged to evaluate our relationships, resources and self-worth.  This will be a useful time to see relationship problems realistically and determine if we’re being treated fairly.  It won’t be advisable to make major relationship decisions during Venus retrograde.  Instead, we will benefit by taking note of our realizations and analyzing the information.  Once Venus has gone direct, it will be easier to see our best course of action.

From January to May 10th, a focused energy will prevail, helping us all stay on task and “get down to business.”  The first four and a half months of 2017 will be ideal for carrying out pre-planned actions, analyzing data, fine-tuning our plans, increasing efficiency and refining our skills.  We’ll be reminded of the importance of balancing work with play from May 10th to the end of the year.  A fun-loving and heart-centered energy will be present which will help people to lighten up and express their love more freely.  The last five and a half months of 2017 will be especially favorable for creative pursuits, romantic partnerships, nurturing our inner child, self-expression and generosity.

We’ll be gifted with more energy to pursue our goals this year.  Our passions will be ignited and we’ll have the ability to turn our inspiration into practical action.  It will be an especially auspicious year for entrepreneurial endeavors and we’ll likely feel the strongest call to follow a dream in May and November.  

From January through September, we’ll also get a boost of good luck for business and long-term goals.  Business expansion will be favored but it will likely require some restructuring and renegotiation.  Even when pursuing an individual goal, we will benefit the most when we demonstrate our ability to work well with others.  Partnerships and collaborations of all types are scheduled for positive transformation in 2017.  We’ll be learning to identify and articulate our needs in a compassionate manner.  This will be an excellent year to cultivate healthy, balanced relationships with ourselves and others.

We’ll get the best results when we consciously nurture our individuality.  It can be especially effective to schedule alone time this year to get clear on what we want without the distraction of outside influences.  Once we feel confident about our desires, it will be easier to prioritize our commitments.  We will likely feel a strong sense of personal power this year, but it will be wise to consider other points-of-view to avoid missing out on opportunities in our “blind spot.”  Our relationships will flourish when we recognize the individual needs of our friends and loved ones.

For success in 2017, we will need to acknowledge the relationships and activities that “light our fire.”  It won’t be possible to harness the available energy unless we channel our efforts towards feeling truly alive.  It’s likely that we’ll see more people taking charge of their time to make room in their schedules for meaningful pursuits.  This will be a year to go for it and we may feel called to challenge ourselves beyond our current capabilities.  When it feels as if we’ve taken on a bit too much, we will be encouraged to look to our friends, partners and community for support.

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