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Astrology is a valuable tool helping us navigate life and maximizing the energies of certain planetary transits.  By understanding Universal timing, we can recognize when it’s time to move forward and when we need to attend to the past.

The challenges and opportunities that come our way help to move us towards our life purpose.  Astrology is an extension of the natural forces here on Earth.  Planetary transits can usher in different “seasons” of our lives, signaling us to initiate action, wrap up unfinished work or re-evaluate our current path.

It can be helpful to remember that just as the seasons change, a challenging planetary transit also has an end date.  Each planet symbolizes a different aspect of personal growth. Having knowledge of the planetary movements can help us gain valuable insights into our journey through life.


by Stephanie Shea


2017 began with a bang! Uranus and Pluto were squared tightly, which elevated conflict between citizens and authority. This tension was enacted most visibly with the January 21 Women’s March that involved millions of people around the world standing up for human rights. This historical event set the tone for 2017, letting authority figures in government, business and/or religious groups know they will face public pushback if they use their power irresponsibly.

The energy continued to escalate in February, with two powerful Eclipses. Meanwhile, the Uranus-Pluto square was still within a tight orb, making it an emotionally-charged month. While world politics, and particularly the United States government, continued along a volatile path, love relationships took center stage in our personal lives. The Lunar Eclipse February 10 was in Leo, awakening people to realities about love and their heart’s desire. On February 26, a Pisces Solar Eclipse prompted endings and beginnings related to emotional truths and subconscious beliefs.

Venus, planet of love and money, was retrograde from March 4 to April 15. But, the shadow phase of this phenomenon extended a month on either side of the start and end dates, so that it was felt between February and mid-May. We were forced to reconcile our past relationships in some way. For some, it played out through a personal conversation or event with a former partner or lover. For others, it was an individual process of letting go of a past relationship. The call to address unfinished business was emphasized by two Mercury retrograde cycles that bookended this Venus retrograde.

The result was the feeling of jogging in place–and occasionally slipping backwards–on a treadmill for the entire first half of 2017. Although it was difficult to note the results of our efforts during this time, these months provided a valuable environment for us to regroup and prepare for the breakneck speed of the second half of the year.

The Summer and Fall of 2017 were marked by the year’s most unique astrology. On May 10, the North Node moved into Leo and completed a Grand Trine between Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. This “Fire Grand Trine” was in effect from May 10 until the first week of November, and its energies inspired people to make bold changes in their lives. Practical Saturn anchored the raw, rebellious energies of Uranus as the North Node connected us all to a bigger sense of purpose. On the world stage and at home, it was a time for big moves. There was nothing subtle about this time period!

August brought two more Eclipses, which served to continue the momentum begun with February’s Eclipse pair. Our personal relationships continued to morph and regenerate, while political and societal transformation remained a strong theme worldwide. Because the Solar Eclipse on August 21 cast its shadow across the United States, this country felt the forces of change quite intensely. These Eclipses occurred during the third Mercury retrograde of the year, which caused much of the upheaval to feel retroactive. August and September served as a time to prepare for new beginnings in October and November.

Fortunately, the Uranus-Pluto square was tempered by a trine between Uranus and Saturn during all of 2017. Globally, we saw more efforts to revise existing systems and structures. Though it was obvious we were overdue for change, many people came to appreciate the existing systems that provide stability. The energetic push-pull between Uranus and Saturn helped to balance some of the more radical forces at work.

Despite some of the tumultuous energies rippling through society, the first nine months of 2017 offered a favorable climate for many businesses. Companies and individual business owners who were willing to be flexible and renegotiate existing agreements had the most success. For businesses and on a personal level, partnerships and collaborations of all types underwent transformation in 2017. When the parties involved were able to articulate their needs in a fair and compassionate manner, they were rewarded with personal or professional growth and a healthy balance of power.

The year finished  with a sneak preview into some of 2018’s defining astrology. Jupiter moved into Scorpio on October 10, and by mid-November it had moved into a favorable trine with Neptune. This water trine offered some cool relief from 2017’s fiery astrology. As we closed out the year, we were offered a spiritual perspective that reminded us that there is more to life than the trials and victories we perceive here on earth.



by Stephanie Shea

As the year begins, we’ll be concluding the “shadow phase” of a Mercury retrograde cycle that lasted from December 3 to 22, 2017. By January 6, we’ll be in the clear, so it will be advisable to postpone your New Year’s resolutions until this time. For best results, reaffirm any resolutions and initiate new action at the New Moon on January 16. We’ll experience a Lunar Eclipse in Leo on January 31, which will allow us to reassess any work we began during the last Eclipses in August of 2017.

This year’s astrology offers hope and healing. Humanity has been faced with divisive forces that have been tearing us apart. The year will begin with a loose trine between Jupiter and Neptune which will create a unifying atmosphere. Jupiter will emphasize faith, trust, and the expansion of ideas while Neptune will help us to dissolve boundaries and our egos. As a result, acts of selflessness and love will be on the rise in 2018. Although the Jupiter-Neptune trine will quickly separate in mid-January, it will be active again late April through the end of September. When Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on November 9, it’s likely that humanitarian efforts that have begun on a small scale will expand their reach.

We’ll experience both Mars and Venus retrograde in 2018, which makes this a unique year for interpersonal relationships. We’ll have an enhanced ability to learn from past experiences and resolve old conflicts. From June 26 to August 27, Mars will be retrograde through the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn. During these days, the desire for freedom, independence, and individuality will be strong. On a global scale, this could mark a time where any population that has felt oppressed will demand justice in a way that can’t be ignored by the powers that be. Personally, we’ll be moved to make ourselves a priority and will be less likely to tolerate anyone who to tries to control us or limit our freedom.

Venus will be retrograde from October 5 to November 16 in the signs of Scorpio and Libra. If you didn’t finish working through past relationship issues during the Venus retrograde of 2017, it’s almost guaranteed that you will during these days. The energies will be very strongly directing us to deal with the things we haven’t faced head on in regards to love or money. If you’ve done significant work in these areas last year, this time can serve as a powerful wrap up period to finally let go of unhealthy relationships or financial problems.

With Saturn in Capricorn all year and Uranus spending almost half of the year in Taurus, we’ll feel the power of Earth energy in this year’s astrology. We can expect to focus on our connection with planet Earth and the environment as well as the step-by-step processes necessary to build a stable future for ourselves. 2017 brought us Fire Sign energy that instigated change rapidly by invoking passion and a sense of urgency. While necessary, the revolutionary feel of 2017 often felt unstable and chaotic.

The tone will be a bit calmer this year as we work to sort through our current state of affairs. However, all of 2018’s Mercury retrograde cycles will occur in the Fire Signs, ensuring that we’ll need to continue fighting for our personal freedom. The power struggles between authority figures and the general public aren’t over, but there will be the chance to put an end to some of 2017’s struggles. By the end of 2018, we’ll witness the beginning of some new cycles resulting from our efforts over the previous two years.

Between April and September, Chiron will be in the sign of Aries. On a global level, this can promote a more active approach to healing our planet and ourselves. This minor planet holds the theme of the “wounded healer” and, when expressed in Aries, it will offer us strength, resilience, and the desire to create better lives for ourselves. We’ll be less likely to get discouraged during these days as Chiron in Aries will bring out our inner warriors and help us to move quickly through adversity.

2018 will feel like a distinct turning point from recent years for several reasons. Most noticeably, the Uranus-Pluto square that began in 2010 will finally conclude in May. While this tense aspect peaked between 2012 and 2015, it has remained in orb the past several years, serving as a backdrop for political and social change. Pluto, planet of authority and structure has been in a push-pull dance with Uranus, planet of revolution and rebellion, forcing necessary changes that have required us to let go of old ways of being.

The powerful forces of the Uranus-Pluto square will have a ripple effect, causing the transformations begun over the past eight years to continue to unfold. But, we’ll begin to feel new energies that offer an alternative to the way we go about changing in our personal lives and as a society. We’ll feel a marked change between May 16 and November 6 when Uranus enters the early degrees of Taurus. This planet hasn’t expressed itself in this sign since the years 1934-1942. With the planet of radical change in an Earth sign, our relationship to our planet, natural resources, food, and finances will shift. With the information history provides about 1934-1942, we can only hope to learn from the past in order to avoid the pitfalls that marked this era.

Uranus will turn retrograde between August 7, 2018 and January 6, 2019. During this time, it will return for a last visit in the sign of Aries between November 6 and the end of the year. We can expect a recap of what we’ve experienced from the time Uranus entered Aries in March 2011. This could include feelings of unrest, and a desire to finish making any changes initiated during the Uranus in Aries years. We may have the sense that this is our last chance to make a move in the bold style of Aries, which can offer us the courage we need to take a big step towards our personal freedom.

The North Node will move into Cancer on November 7, ushering in an emotionally sensitive energy that will prevail over our planet until May of 2020. The end of 2018 will be marked by a desire to nurture and support others, build a sense of security, and create emotional connections. Intuitive decision making will serve us better than analysis, and we’ll create win-win situations by supporting others without trying to control them.


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