SOLAR ECLIPSE . . . . . FEBRUARY 26, 2017 (8° PISCES)

There are two Solar Eclipses in 2017 – the average number for most years.  Solar Eclipses release the seeds of new lessons to be learned by all of humankind during the six-month period following the eclipse.

The first Solar Eclipse of 2017 will occur in the sign of Pisces and will help us to trust in a Higher Power.  You will be learning that controlling every aspect of your life is an impossible notion.  Instead, you can cultivate peace of mind knowing that events will unfold according to divine timing.  During the first half of 2017, you’ll be guided to believe in yourself and be flexible enough to go with the flow when the unexpected occurs.  This eclipse will help you to access your inner wisdom, intuition and creativity.  You can make the most of the February 2017 Solar Eclipse in Pisces by considering the themes that emerged around the Pisces Solar Eclipse of March 8, 2016.  You’ll orient towards success by reviewing any realizations, goals and changes that emerged last spring and directing your energies towards continuing what you started.

The second Solar Eclipse of 2017 will be in Leo and will help you to listen to your heart.  You will be learning to access the confidence necessary to pursue your passion.  This eclipse will emphasize playfulness, joy, creativity and self-love.  You’ll be awakening to the beauty of your self-expression during the second half of 2017.  It will be a wonderful time to release any fears related to “standing out” or attracting attention, and instead, step joyfully into the spotlight . . . . .

FEBRUARY 26, 2017 (8° PISCES)
This Solar Eclipse will help you to develop your intuition and creativity.  During the next six months, you’ll be learning how to honor yourself by giving yourself the time and space needed to listen to your inner guidance.  Taking time to meditate and develop a form of creative expression can help you to stay centered during circumstances that are out of your control.

You’ll be learning how to develop your sense of inner peace and connection with a Higher Power.  Music, art and nature (especially water) may seem particularly soothing.  Creative expression could help to channel . . . . . Members can Log In Here to read more detailed information on February 26th’s Solar Eclipse.

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Because the New Moon of February is in the sign of PISCES, it is an especially auspicious time for wishes that involve releasing self-destructive addictions and unhealthy habits, such as excessive drinking, smoking or poor dietary choices. This time period is also highly charged and uniquely empowered to help set healthy sleep habits, increase levels of joy and spiritual fulfillment, and surrender anxieties into the healing hands of a Higher Power. This New Moon is combined with a SOLAR ECLIPSE, making it one of the most powerful New Moons to manifest new beginnings in your life! READ MORE HERE.