Although Jan had wisely anticipated her reemergence into the Infinite Universe, still, we her family, close friends, and the staff at Jan are deeply grieved by the loss of a fellow cosmic traveler, a sister of Light, and a leader in the metaphysical realm of astrology. Through the legacy of her website, millions around the world will still be informed and inspired by Jan’s positive and spiritual approach to astrology. As a truly wise and compassionate teacher, she carefully mentored and trained others to maintain, expand, and continue her life work of loving messages of truth and light.

Stephanie Shea, hand-picked and personally trained by Jan, is to continue Jan’s legacy of caring, loving guidance, and understanding through forecasts, horoscopes, and columns.

Earlier this year, Jan completed writing her 6th book, “The Nodes in the Houses.” It is currently being edited by Emily Trinkaus, another of Jan’s Guest Astrologers. Emily has been a professional astrologer for nearly 20 years as well as a close friend of Jan’s. The book will be ready for publishing in the near future and we’ll be sure to update you on the release date and availability.

Jan Spiller’s family wishes to thank all of you for the many years of supporting Jan and her work. We ask for your continued support and your help in keeping Jan’s legacy alive, so her work can be enjoyed for generations to come. You can help us do that by continuing to visit for your astrological and spiritual needs.

Membership on Jan’s website will remain available and will continue to be offered at the same high-quality level. The monthly newsletter will continue to keep you informed on the developments and features of this site.

Thank you for your loyal support. We rejoice in knowing that our Jan is with her angels, and she is flying free knowing that her work here on Earth will continue, and we send this message out to all of you with open arms of LOVE.

The Spiller family, friends and staff