The Astrological Edge for March 2016

This month, we will be supported in our efforts to build solid foundations and to put in place systems that ensure future security. The key lies in practical planning. Change is in the air, as we will be re-oriented in our life work over the next six months by the Solar and Lunar Eclipses that occur in March.

Saturn and Uranus are teaming up to help us to stabilize our lives on a deep level, while Jupiter and Pluto combine forces to help us to develop plans that can make that stability permanent. Although we will still feel some unrest because of the Uranus-Pluto square, it may be easier now to see how shaking up the status quo had been necessary, and continues to be a necessity, in order to make way for systems and structures that are stronger than prior ones.

Uranus and Pluto continue to square each other tightly. Though we may feel less pressure from the square than we did last month, as the square is no longer exact and continues to separate, its effects will still be felt over the next couple of years.

Worldwide, we will continue to experience unrest, as citizens stand up to any misuse of power within governments, corporations, churches, and other social structures. A need to fight for individual rights will continue to be emphasized. Corrupt institutions are more likely to be exposed for what they are during this time frame.

On a personal level, we are ready to embrace ideals that make us feel more vitality and aliveness. If we have been feeling oppressed by either external or self-imposed rules and regulations, this can be a time to set ourselves free. New energy and ideas are scheduled to replace outmoded belief systems. Those born April 8-9 or January 7-8 are especially primed to make big changes in their personal lives that allow them to live more authentically and to express themselves more freely.

Saturn in Sagittarius continues to trine Uranus in Aries, an aspect that will have a stabilizing effect. Underlying problems with self-expression can be identified and effectively addressed via practical solutions. Passionate emotions can be tempered and channeled into productive action.

On a global level, we may see leaders willingly acknowledge . . . . . READ THE FULL COLUMN!

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For centuries, farmers have used NEW MOON cycles for planting their crops. We can use the same potent energy for stating our dreams and goals. To use a New Moon POWER DAY, simply write down, by hand, a maximum of ten wishes or goals you would like to manifest. This month’s New Moon, coinciding with a Solar Eclipse, marks an extra-powerful time to state intentions, not only for the coming lunar cycle, but also for the next six months.

Because this month’s New Moon occurs in PISCES, you may want to include some wishes on your list concerning the following categories, which are especially related to that sign: imagination, inner happiness, psychic sensitivity, trusting a Higher Power, addictions, and surrendering to spiritual help.

Sample wishes: 

  • I want to consciously and consistently experience the joy of my inner being.
  • I want to feel spiritually fulfilled and happy.
  • I want all resistance to experiencing bliss easily lifted from me.
  • I want to easily find myself embracing the ecstasy of pleasure.
  • I want to consciously and consistently experience the loving bliss within me.
  • I want to easily find myself focused on the inner peace of my own nature.
  • I want to easily find myself meditating at least _______ days a week, a minimum of _______ minutes each time.
  • I want to easily attract, recognize, and begin attending the right yoga class for me at least _______ day(s) a week.
  • When I am creating _______ (art/music/writing, etc.), I want to find myself fully receptive to the support and influence of the Angels.

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