If you were born with your SUN in LIBRA, you seek to expand yourself through your relationships. You are interested in others and approach life from an intellectual rather than strictly emotional base. Through the people you meet, you can grow your consciousness. When they share themselves with you ? their ideas and attitudes about life ? it leads to an expansion of your own identity. You see and appreciate the uniqueness of others ? their identity ? and your inborn capacity to be a team player can create successful partnerships.

The year of 2013 promises to be a year of revolution and liberation! Uranus and Pluto are squaring each other throughout the year, creating a T-square with your Libra Sun. The events that unfold this year can be life-changing, and you may find yourself initiating an entirely new ? and unexpected ? direction. ?Let go to grow? is your theme this year, as you release what has become stagnant in order to . . . . .

To Maximize the Opportunities Available to You in 2013: Although the energy of this year is likely to be disruptive, consider that you?re in the process of uncovering a deeper sense of peace than you?ve ever felt. This is the peace that comes from feeling free to express the truth of who you are. Be open to releasing expectations of yourself and others and be willing to experiment with new approaches in every area of life where you feel challenged.

Your Best Compass in 2013: A willingness to look deeply within yourself to uncover your own personal needs, and to let go of what no longer holds meaning and value for you, will contribute to a feeling of peace. When you reveal the truth of your needs and desires in any situation, you?ll increase your sense of self-worth and your foundation of material security. By staying in touch with what is really important to you, and trusting your values to guide you, you will access an intuitive knowing of what the other person?s motives and needs are and then you can see the appropriate course of action.

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