If you were born with your SUN in SAGITTARIUS, you have a basic faith in the goodness of life and positive outcomes. You have a sunny, happy disposition and a spontaneous, adventuresome approach to living your life. If someone along the road has a flat tire, your natural gallantry is likely to stop and see if you can help. Although you are doing this from the goodness of your heart, you also know there is a Higher Principle involved. You are aware that Life is always watching and nothing goes unrewarded ? either good or ill.

The year of 2013 promises to be a year of opening to an even greater sense of freedom and deepening your faith in a higher power. You will be supported in taking creative risks and experimenting with new avenues of self-expression. Relationships will be beneficial, and if you?re single, a new romantic interest could easily enter your life. The next two years will also bring opportunities to make shifts in your life that open the . . . . .

To Maximize the Opportunities Available to You in 2013: You may experience some tension between the stirring of new vitality and at the same time, a sense that some aspects of your life are coming to a close. Don?t be concerned if some confusion is part of the picture. For now, allow yourself to follow your excitement and play with the possibilities. It may be that the pieces will be ready to come together in a more coherent form a bit further down down the road.

Your Best Compass in 2013: Although your natural tendency is to ?look on the bright side,? this will be a year when a willingness to dig into the ?darker? aspects of your psyche will serve you well. When you uncover a deeper level of truth within yourself, you?re able to more easily release habits that no longer serve you and to experience a greater sense of inner peace. When by yourself, you will be able to see more deeply the motives and needs of significant others, helping you to better navigate your relationships . . . . .

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