Planets in Quadrant #2 (Houses 4, 5 & 6)


A majority of planets in Quadrant #2 indicates that, in this lifetime, you are learning to effectively integrate your identity into your relationships with others. You are consciously developing a new personal foundation that can support you in doing so.

To this end, it is helpful to involve yourself in studies that assist you in shifting your frame of reference from unconscious negative childhood conditioning to a more mature, positive, stable ?home base.?

This is a lifetime where a focus on personal pleasure is encouraged and, as you learn to express your creative will in ways that lead to experiences of vitality and joy, everyone is blessed.

Increased awareness regarding the importance of a greater level of health and well being in all areas of your life will require developing new routines of diet and exercise. You are also learning to analyze your experiences so that you grow and make choices that reflect a more efficient use of time.

In this lifetime the primary focus is on your personal life; learning through the relationships in your immediate environment – your family, children and co-workers – how to interact with others in ways that produce more effective and happier results as the years go by.

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