Planets in Quadrant #1 (Houses 1, 2 & 3)


Many planets in Quadrant #1 indicate that in this lifetime, your primary attention is focused on yourself – on developing a heightened awareness of your personal identity and inherent values, learning to be more at ease in communicating your ideas to others.

You probably need more time alone than other folks in order to stay in touch with your own identity and experience yourself personally- recognizing your own impulses and learning to discriminate when and how to appropriately assert yourself. Staying grounded is important, as things do not turn out well when you ?leave yourself? in order to impress others.

When someone has an opinion different from yours, you are learning to ?check it out? inside yourself and take the time to think things through, rather than making an impulsive retort based on wanting to impress. You are learning the value of staying centered inside yourself while relating with others.

This is a lifetime designed for learning more about your personality, how you feel inside yourself, and where you really stand. You are learning to get in touch with what makes you feel comfortable, what you inherently value, and what gives you a true sense of self-worth.

It?s also a learning/teaching lifetime, and through interacting with a variety of people you will grow and discover more about yourself.

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