Planets in Quadrant #4 (Houses 10, 11 & 12)


Many planets in the fourth Quadrant show that, in this lifetime, you are primarily focused on learning how to integrate yourself with society on an impersonal level, taking responsibility for working with others for the public good.

You are learning to develop a true sense of friendship, to awaken to humanitarian interests, and to love others unconditionally – thereby becoming a healing influence in the world.

You are likely to be goal-oriented and be able to see the ?bigger picture? that others are unaware of, which allows you to more easily attain that which is important to you. There is a longing for something higher than the strictly personal life, and a desire to lose yourself in causes that have a wider impact than your own personal comfort and pleasure.

In personal relationships, success depends on your continuing to allot time to pursuing other friendships and public activities. You ?march to a different drummer? than most others, and are willing to follow your own path without being daunted by societies opinions.

You are motivated by your own private vision of the impact you can have on the world, and are learning how to successfully translate that vision in a way that society will accept.



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