Successfully Working as a Team
by Jan Spiller



Bill Clinton Born in Hope, AR at 08:51 on 1946-08-19

Hillary Clinton Born in Chicago, IL at 08:02 on 1972-04-17







Composite North Node House


Composite North Node Sign







A Composite Chart is a common astrological tool used to provide insights into the inner workings of a relationship. It’s a chart of the relationship itself – an entity in its own right. It is very helpful in understanding the issues both people are likely to face as a couple.

It shows the joys and challenges that can arise in the relationship, and also points the way to successful conflict resolution. Most importantly, the composite chart is very helpful in seeing the purpose behind the relationship – why the two Souls have come together, and how they can pull together as a team to create magical results.

The first part of this report gives information about the HOUSE in which the composite North Node is found. With that knowledge, you can more easily develop and express the qualities of the SIGN of the composite North Node. As the two of you encourage each other to grow in this direction, the relationship becomes one of teamwork – a clear and mutually enjoyable playing field is created.



Your Composite North Node is in ARIES

This relationship will stimulate your feisty spirit and give you the chance to develop your independence and courage. You both will likely become more assertive, impulsive and bold.Be willing to support each other in developing and expressing your separate identities.

Aim for: Developing healthy independence; each of you putting your view on the table as independent entities; encouraging each other’s strength and self-development.


My research has shown that if a couple honors the direction of the composite North Node – by Sign and by House – as the goal in their relationship, negative issues tend to ease.

On a spiritual level what is occurring is that the two of you are using joint gifts developed in other lifetimes together, to go in a new direction that is even more empowering and rewarding than before. Still, it’s a choice.

If you don’t consciously choose to walk the pathway of the North Node in the Composite Chart, by default you’ll both start acting out the distancing behaviors of the South Node. It’s up to you to run the experiment with the new way suggested, and see if your relationship becomes more enlivening and happy as a result.

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