Honoring Past Life Contracts by Jan Spiller


Hillary Clinton Born in Chicago, IL at 08:02 on 1947-10-26
Bill Clinton Born in Hope, AR at 08:51 on 1946-08-19




North Node Conjunctions

Squares to the Nodes

South Node Trines



This report gives you very specific insights into the question:  “Whyis this person in my life?”  Once you see the underlying connection, you hold the power to consciously navigate the relationship to greatest mutual advantage.

A past-life “contract” between two Souls is an agreement made prior to birth that both you and the other person will meet up again in this lifetime, to complete something that was unresolved between you in a prior incarnation.  Thus you often feel an irresistible pull to be with this person, or an intense aversion to their company.  You may not even know why it is such an intense connection for you.

These past-life contracts are shown by the “aspects” between the birth charts of two people.  In astrology, aspects are energetic connections, mathematically calculated, between two heavenly bodies.  For the purposes of this report, an aspect refers to the relationship between the Nodes in one person’s chart to the planets in another person’s chart, which show specific past-life connections between the two Souls.

This information is the result of extensive research into how nodal energies operate within relationships, and is influenced by the perspective of reincarnation, which greatly expands the benefits of working with the aspects.

My research has shown that when the North or South Node in one person’s chart forms a significant aspect to a planet in the chart of someone with whom you are closely involved, it indicates a “contract” between the two of you that is to be fulfilled in this lifetime.  You and the other person have been together in past lives and have an agreement to go through certain interactions together in this incarnation in order to balance and heal the energy between you.

One way this occurs is that there can be certain Souls with whom you have experienced intense difficulties in a past life.  Before incarnating, an agreement is made with that Soul to come back and deal with the underlying issue in a more conscious and loving way so that both Souls can be healed.  Hence you find yourself in relationships with people who have North or South Node aspects to your natal planets.

In working with this material, it is helpful to remember that it is generally the “victim” who has the power to break the chains of a reciprocal past-life injury through forgiveness of the perpetrator.  Forgiveness involves not only forgiving the other person, but also yourself for any time in this lifetime or another that you may have done the same thing to another Soul.



When the North Node in one person’s chart is conjunct a planet in another’s, a Soul Contract has been made for the two of you to come together in this lifetime for mutual benefit.  The planet involved reveals the nature of the support offered.

From a larger point of view, nothing happens by accident.  Coming together with this person is part of a past-life contract, a deep friendship resulting in a mutual desire to help one another.


Your Uranus Conjuncts Bill’s North Node

Since you are the planetary person, Bill brings the special gift of helping you realize one of your talents.  He functions as a good luck charm in the area mentioned below.  This process brings healing energy to both parties.  Bill helps to develop the planetary urges within you and raises you to a higher level of confidence and expression.

It’s a win-win situation.  Through this connection, your personal growth and self-actualization are nurtured and encouraged.

The placement of URANUS in the birth chart reveals that part of you that longs to experience the aliveness of change and new levels of awareness.

Since you are the URANUS person:  Bill is in your life to awaken and encourage you to try new paths and take chances that ultimately disrupt the status quo and lead you to a higher plateau in your evolutionary journey.  Bill supports your unconventionality.

Bill has entered your life because on some deep level your Soul has sounded the call for you to shrug off the pressures of social conventions and begin to follow the innovative free spirit within yourself.  It is time for you to leave old patterns behind.

Bill has been drawn into your life because the old structures have served their function and are holding you back.  It’s time to replace them with new and exciting pathways that reawaken your vitality and make you feel alive.

When you have flashes of intuition and inspiration, Bill will be right there with you on the journey, gaining new insights for himself.  If you find yourself stuck in an uncomfortable situation, Bill will awaken you to new possibilities to get “unstuck.”

Bill is here to create an inner awakening in you that leads to freedom and more vitality in your life.  By receiving Bill’s gift, you bring out the best in him.  As the gift is activated, it becomes reciprocal and he becomes more alive as well.


Bill’s Moon Conjuncts Your North Node

Since you are the North Node person, you energize the planet in question, bolstering confidence and success for Bill.  In the process of supporting him, you access and activate the part of your Soul that has been overlooked for many incarnations.

In your natural desire to support Bill, you are stimulated to bring forth the best parts of yourself, and can thus integrate those qualities into your personality.

The MOON in your chart represents where you want to be taken care of and nurtured, how you want others to connect with you on a non-verbal level in a dependable way you can rely on for security and closeness.

The astrological symbol for the Moon is caved in and open… yawning, hungering for nurturing from a source other than itself.  The Moon is your urge for support and style of caring.  The Moon also reveals how you express feelings to others and its aspects to the planets tell you the ease or difficulty you experience in having your emotional needs met.

Since you are the NORTH NODE person:  The potential here is for the two of you to have a very loving, lasting relationship!  Your purpose in Bill’s life is to supply what he needs to feel emotionally secure and validated.  You know instinctively when he is feeling insecure and what is needed to build him up.

Help Bill achieve a positive self-image; you naturally recognize and support his inner core.  In doing so, the best in you comes into expression.  As he learns that he can count on you, he relaxes, his heart opens and Love and appreciation flow between you.

Your purpose in Bill’s life is to teach him how to love.  You will do this automatically by letting him see that it is “safe” for him to open up and be vulnerable.  Your attention lets him know that you care about him.  Feel free to validate how Bill shows affection for others and acknowledge his thoughts and actions when he is motivated by kindness.

Talking about the good qualities you see in Bill in his dealings with others encourages his natural urge to show love and affection.  You can validate his goodness for him in a way that enhances the manner in which he shows his feelings to others.  When you encourage Bill’s good points, he becomes stronger and more successful in relationships.

In effect, you are giving Bill confidence in his ability to relate successfully to others.  In the process of encouraging his caring nature, you become more caring yourself and the best in you is strengthened.



If someone has a planet squaring your nodal axis, the urge represented by the planet involved tends to disrupt you from pursuing your line of personal destiny.


Your Moon Squares Bill’s Nodal Axis

Since you are the planetary person, being yourself – expressing that part of yourself described below – can confuse Bill and tend to get him “off track” of his own clear thinking.

If your interactions with Bill are unconscious (you are unaware of the dynamics involved), the outcome is predictably upsetting – leaving you with the feeling that “he is never going to change.”

However, if you are conscious of the unique dynamics you have with Bill, then you can navigate your interactions with him in a way that gives you the support you need, without diminishing him.

The MOON in your chart represents where you want to be taken care of and nurtured, how you want others to connect with you on a non-verbal level in a dependable way you can rely on for security and closeness.

The astrological symbol for the Moon is caved in and open… yawning, hungering for nurturing from a source other than itself.  The Moon is your urge for support and style of caring.  The Moon also reveals how you express feelings to others and its aspects to the planets tell you the ease or difficulty you experience in having your emotional needs met.

Since you are the MOON person: Your feelings and how you express them can cause Bill to feel insecure and co-dependent.  Your emotional presentation can knock Bill off his path.  Your needs for empathy and non-verbal understanding may temporarily disrupt his confidence.  When sharing your feelings with Bill, slow down long enough for him to integrate what it is you are sharing.  Give him time to absorb and understand your feelings.

Best bet:  be aware of the possibility that your emotions and feelings may not be nurtured by Bill.


Bill’s Sun Squares Your Nodal Axis

The SUN shows your basic style of creatively responding to life.  It shows your special talents, how you express your vital life force and leadership qualities.  The Sun reveals the way you take risks and how you realize your goals.

Since you are the NODAL AXIS person: Bill’s enthusiasm and solar fire – the way he expresses his vitality and personal power – can inadvertently disrupt your equilibrium and confuse your sense of being on the right path.

Best bet:  avoid allowing yourself to be swept up by his passionate interests in a way that causes you to lose a sense of your own inner strength.  The idea is to maintain your own direction, while allowing Bill to shine and creatively express his own individuality.



For both parties involved, when the South Node in one person’s chart forms a trine aspect to a planet in the other person’s chart, a relationship is formed in which tremendous vigilance and honesty within oneself are called for.  This is true for the South Node individual as well as the planetary person.

Each in this relationship enables the other to operate from a lesser part of themselves and “get away with it.”  Between both people exists the temptation to uphold a silent agreement to stay stuck and not support each other’s growth.


Your Saturn Trines Bill’s South Node

Since you are the planetary person, to rise above this pattern takes tremendous character. Just because you can “get away with something,” it does not mean it’s necessarily in your best interests.

With this aspect between the two of you, when Bill doesn’t call you on your “stuff” – it allows both of you to be lured into the ease of acting from old, ineffective behavior patterns.  It takes tremendous character on your part to remain vigilant and not allow yourself to believe “positive publicity” from Bill, when you inwardly know you are coming from a lesser part of yourself.

SATURN shows that part of you where you have been “damaged” due to having a lack of boundaries, and thus feel awkward and inadequate.  You tend to have inhibitions and barriers in those areas that block you from full self-actualization until you take total responsibility for being the CEO in that area of your life.

Since you are the SATURN person:  Bill supports your achievements even when they do not represent the best of you.  You may be demonstrating a lack of balance, putting too much time and energy into your work while neglecting your personal life and the deep emotional connections you need to support outer accomplishment in a wholesome way.

Bill is probably aware of your tendency to sublimate healthy “taking charge” due to the insecurity that sharing feelings brings, and yet he “lets it pass” without helping you to become more emotionally satisfied.

Best bet:  be aware that you can’t trust Bill’s support of your authority as being a sign that you are “on track” with your life.  Actively enlist him to help you moderate any tendency to overwork so that the results you seek are more accessible.

It is up to you to be responsible for having the self-honesty to monitor yourself about whether or not you are avoiding intimacy and replacing it with workaholism.  You can also consult with others for more accurate feedback about the effect your style of self-authority is having upon your relationships.


Your Pluto Trines Bill’s South Node

PLUTO shows where you have agreed to experience total transformation in this life – to surrender the hold on your pre-set egotistical ideas of reality.  In the choice between “change versus the status quo” it is absolutely in your best interest to choose change wherever Pluto rests in the chart.  If you resist changing, life will make the choice for you by delivering a rather dramatic unfolding of events.

Since you are the PLUTO person: Bill appears to support you even when you are using your personal power in a way that undermines you.  For example, you may take on a Herculean task – relying solely on your personal power and drive to achieve results – and he may go along with you even if a successful end is clearly beyond your personal reach.

Bill is aware when you force your way and bulldoze through opposition, and yet he “lets it pass” without helping you to improve.

Best bet:  be aware that you can’t take Bill’s approval and encouragement of your use of power as being a sign that you are “on track” in your use of personal forcefulness.  Actively enlist his support in helping you use power wisely.

If in doubt, consult with others for more accurate feedback about whether or not the tasks you are considering are truly “doable” with your own power, or if another route is a wiser choice.



There are many people whose charts strongly connect with yours but with only a few of them do you feel a bond that leads to a close relationship.  These are the people with whom you have unfinished business, and in whose company you can work through the particular issue and re-balance both of your energetic fields.

If the connection is strongly unpleasant, it’s best to do all you can to resolve the karma in this lifetime, otherwise you will have to keep going through it in future incarnations until you finally “get it straight.”  Now, while you have these tools to expand your consciousness, it would greatly enhance your Soul’s growth – not to mention your ability to experience peace and happiness – to heal everything you can with the other Soul with whom you are connected.

LIFE ITSELF supports you in expanding into your own highest potential for self-actualization, and sends those people across your path who can best help you to grow.  Whoever you have attracted into your life (including the family you were born into) is bringing you this opportunity.

Knowing the nodal aspects makes it possible for you to consciously participate by accepting and working with the process – rather than resisting it – and this creates a win-win situation and a benefit for both people.

© Jan Spiller; much of the above material is included as part of Jan Spiller’s book Cosmic Love.
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