Succeeding with your Goals

by Jan Spiller



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1. Introduction: Your Soul’s Purpose in the World – Optimizing Your Gifts and Talents

2. Your Unique Career Skills

3. Your Ace in the Hole

4. Your Special Talents

5. Additional Assets for Success

6. Conclusion: The Power to Create Your Own Destiny



Your Soul’s Purpose in the World
Optimizing Your Gifts and Talents

This report sheds light on your best career path. It describes the abilities you have that society needs from you. When you express your natural gifts and talents, you receive appreciation from others. The result is income for you, and satisfaction in your career.

As you demonstrate these abilities, you gain self-respect along with respect from others. You will feel successful and happy because you are fulfilling a large part of your purpose for being on Planet Earth. The following “tips”—based on your individual astrology chart—are meant to help you recognize the best specific career path to follow. Intuitively, you already know the answer, and this material is presented to activate and validate your innate gifts for successfully realizing goals.

Your 10th House is the highest point in your chart. It shows the activities that bring you happiness and what you are best at. It is the purpose of this report to guide you in actualizing that part of you that seeks a meaningful role in the world. The 10th House spotlights talents you feel compelled to express and indicates the best way you can accomplish your goals. As you read the material in your report, only you will know which of the gifts mentioned triggers a “chord” in you and points to a successful career.

The 10th House also has to do with your purpose on earth, why you are here in the first place. It is what – on a soul level – you have promised to contribute to society, and it reveals the talents you are meant to share. In so doing, you strengthen your character, leading to a healthy and balanced life.



The Midheaven is the highest point in your astrology chart. If you look at your chart as you would a clock, the sign located at 12:00 is your Midheaven. It represents the most publicly seen part of you. It reveals the style that will empower you to take charge and create success in any aspect of your life. It is the key to being a Manifestor.

The sign on your Midheaven is a compass you can follow. These are the qualities that need to be integrated and expressed in your personality for you to be successful. For example: if you have a Gemini Midheaven. Gemini rules the art of communicating information, expressing what is on your mind, and seeking another person’s viewpoint. Thus going in the direction of open communication in love, partnership, work, money, family, etc. is the key to being successful in each area.


Successful outcomes occur in those areas of your life in which you keep talking! You achieve recognition by openly communicating your own opinions and ideas, and by listening to other people’s perspectives. Self-censorship is thus replaced with the healthy disclosure of whatever thoughts and feelings are arising at the moment. Open communication is your key.

It can be scary at first since there are underlying feelings of “not knowing what to say” and the fear that revealing yourself could lead to a loss of freedom. In fact, the opposite is true. When you openly communicate your thoughts and feelings, you gain the freedom to change your mind. Keep your communication on a factual – not a theoretical – level. As you share the facts of what you are experiencing, others will be able to “hear” you better. Asking questions and gaining more information from others gives you the data you need to find logical solutions that work for everyone.

This exchange of information is invigorating for you! “Truth” – on the level of daily relationships – is simply a willingness to disclose your genuine perceptions and feelings, rather than stifle them in the hope that somehow silence will resolve the situation. In personal relationships, communicating without self-censoring is your key to success. When in doubt, don’t get quiet, get chatty! Pick up the phone and start the communication ball rolling.

Happiness enters into every area of your life where you replace an attitude of “being right” with the simple joy of sharing different perspectives and ideas.


There is a tendency to give in to fears of losing the safety of your role as “the teacher,” of releasing your perennial, purposeful, philosophical perspective on the “the way things are.” This stance of righteousness leads others to put little stock in your lofty thoughts. Seeking to communicate only with those who can “understand you” results in isolation within a set of philosophical beliefs that are of no significance to anyone, not even yourself. To be secure in your inner foundation, you may feel the need for others to concede that you are “right” in your perception of life. An urge to prove your intellectual superiority can launch you into philosophical battles in which nobody wins.

Conversely, when you cannot justify negative emotions as being “right” in your belief system, you may withhold what you are really thinking or feeling. When excessive pride keeps you from communicating your insecurities and upsets, this appearance of aloofness creates insecurity in those who wish to relate to you on intimate levels. As a consequence, you believe your security is based on being able to account for every aspect of your behavior within your belief system, on justifying your ideas and actions by the “rightness” of your philosophy. This self-righteous stance creates a ponderous feeling that is difficult for even you to bear, and a sense of being isolated from others by your basic outlook.


Happiness enters into every area of your life where you replace “being right” with an attitude of openness to and enjoyment of differing perspectives and ideas. Curiosity is your friend. When communication is based on lightness and an easy sharing of thoughts that spontaneously occur to you, cheerfulness enters your life, along with an ease in keeping the flow of verbal exchanges with others flowing back and forth. Letting go of the need to “be right” before revealing your thoughts and ideas leaves you free to communicate fully with others.

You effectively become a teacher through your willingness to share ideas with others even though you may not have, in advance, been aware of what information they gained from you. Thus you allow others (and yourself) to learn and grow. Factual communication, far from depriving you of your freedom, confers the ability to change your mind.

Ease and joy enter every area of your life where you are willing to welcome fresh new perspectives, where you maintain openness and non-attachment to expressing the thoughts that occur to you in diverse situations. Happiness comes when you relate to all sorts of people, familiar and unfamiliar, taking interest in their ideas and perspectives. Social ease ensues as a byproduct of the spontaneous communication of your thoughts – without attachment or investment in them, or the need to “be right” – in response to existing and emerging situations.


Your early environmental conditioning was in many ways very positive and expansive, prompting you to exercise the freedom to pursue your own path to truth. Abundance, in some way, was part of the picture. Quite probably, one of your parents seemed “bigger than life.”

There may have been strong beliefs and philosophies in your family about “how life is,” including who you should be and what you should be doing. Perhaps there was a moralistic element to things, leading to your belief in adult life that in order to be “safe,” you have to be “right.” In some ways, communication may have been censored so that only certain kinds of conversation were acceptable. This carries forward into the present as a reticence to openly communicate with others, out of fear that your thoughts may be unacceptable or invalidated.

Spiritual and religious past lives are indicated here, as well as a natural feeling of good luck due to Life itself supporting you. You have an innate optimism, a positive attitude, and an abiding trust that somehow, some way, things will work out just fine.


The sign ruler of your 10th House cusp determines what profession is most suited to you and will make you happiest. Let the following descriptions “trigger” in you an intuitive recognition of the career that is right for you.

Your 10th House is ruled by GEMINI, and you are happiest in a career where you can communicate ideas. This could be writing, teaching, publishing, sales, or marketing. Gemini also relates to fields involving the Internet and spreading information through the media.

You do best in a profession where your opportunity to grow intellectually is unlimited. Your most satisfying profession is one that requires the use of logic, fact-gathering, and information sharing. As a “people” person, you can tap into your flirtatious qualities, enjoy being right there in the moment, and lighten the mood of others.

Self-contentment is assured through allowing the world to see you as interesting and interested, cheerful and able to lightheartedly relate to a multiplicity of challenges, people and situations.



Each of the twelve Houses of the Astrology Chart is ruled by a specific planet. The House where your 10th House ruling planet is located on your individual chart reveals extra resources that are available to you – especially for pursuing career goals. These include personal attributes and talents, as well as the energetic essence that you draw on in order to create success. Although this is most often reflected in your profession, it also holds true for reaching personal goals that are important to you.

The Ruler of your 10th House falls in House 6, showing that reaching a level of excellence in your profession or career requires you to draw on your ability to work hard and pay attention to details. You have the gift of a unique sense of synthesis – taking in information, organizing it, and figuring out the puzzle of how everything fits together. This talent is a huge advantage – especially in terms of creating strategies – and your ability for accurate, practical planning is one of your biggest career assets. Another gift is your talent with healing, and a profession that allows you to utilize this attribute would be quite favorable for you.

Your purpose in this life has to do with developing the organizational tools that can help you integrate the various parts of your life, allowing you to create a higher level of order and clarity than what you experienced as a child. This includes learning how routines can empower you and give your life a structure that enables you to handle the various details without the wasted effort of repetitive thinking and planning. Cleanliness and organization in the home and office – clearing your environment and your mind of clutter – increase your feelings of competency and leads to a solid sense of self-respect. Handling the mundane details of life so that your “plate is clear” gives you a sense of being in charge of your world.

Your purpose is also involved with paying attention to developing habits that support you in your daily experience of life. Creating healthy routines in terms of eating, exercising, and participating in recreational activities or a hobby you enjoy are all factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As you begin to take charge in this area of your life, you will find that you gain the respect of others and enhance your own sense of self-respect.



The Planets located in your 10th House indicate the special talents and attributes that you are destined to manifest in the material world during this lifetime, most often in the public sector through your career. Generally speaking, the more planets that fall in your 10th House, the more important your vocation is to you.

resides in your 10th House

JUPITER brings these special traits and talents to your profession and ability to achieve goals: inherent good luck, trust in positive outcomes, the power to inspire others, and an expansive, optimistic spirit.

You naturally attract “good luck” when you are committed to a situation involving the public sector. You are happiest when your career allows you to reflect your spiritual or philosophical belief system, and inspire others through applying these “spiritual principles.” This process fills your heart with expansive, positive energy because you are giving affirmative, inspirational energy to others through being involved with the public in some way.

If you are a homemaker, you will still need some type of involvement in the public arena in order to maintain your optimistic spirit, buoyant enjoyment of life, and ability to attract good luck. You might consider a position on the Board of an organization doing work that you support, or volunteering for the PTA or some other group that benefits your family and/or community directly.

It’s important for you to have specific aims in your personal life, as well as in your profession or career. Having a goal stimulates your innate faith and optimism and inspires you to take charge! Then your positive attitude attracts success to you, as well as fueling your power to create positive results in any area. For example, if you want to reenergize your relationship with your mate, having a definite goal (to create more intimacy, have more fun together, or open the lines of communication) empowers you to take charge and set out a clear plan of action to create success.

In this lifetime, your Soul has contracted for further growth through refining and integrating how you use your innate gifts in terms of management and leadership. Through this process you have the opportunity to learn how to use your natural leadership skills – in combination with your underlying optimism and trust in positive outcomes – with greater integrity. This is mostly a matter of character development, requiring a willingness to grow to greater maturity within this part of yourself.

In every area of your life – career, relationships, and family – you are learning to recognize that in any situation you need to determine what the other person’s aims are and take them into account before deciding on the goal. If instead you use your infectious optimism to talk others into following your plan when it really is not in alignment with their own goals – just so you can reach your own personal goal – you betray others’ trust in you. Then you will not create the positive results you hoped for, and instead it can lead to disappointment, and possibly even public outrage.

The idea is to “practice what you preach” and demonstrate your spiritual beliefs in your own life. If you slow down your process long enough to be honest with the others involved about what you want to achieve – and ask them about their goals in the situation – you can use your talents to work out a common goal that everyone agrees on and create a win-win for all concerned. The result of this process is that you will gain others’ respect, your positive spirit becomes a welcome and valued asset, and you will be put in leadership positions.

If you find that others are resisting you in some area of your life, you may have yielded to temptation and carelessly misused your talents to achieve your personal goal at someone else’s expense. When this happens, your best bet is to pull back and consider how you can take the lead in a way that maintains your integrity and takes others into account.

As you learn – often through trial and error – how to use your gifts as an inspirational leader to create win-win results, you will become more successful in manifesting your belief in positive outcomes. Your growth in this area can be measured by the degree to which others recognize you as an “in charge” person of integrity, appreciate your innate gifts, and happily follow your leadership.



The following areas of your life come to full fruition through following your professional path – your public status in the world. These qualities are also activated and at your disposal when you are successfully pursuing a personal goal.

Because a planet in your 10th House rules your 4th House, your emotional capacity for empathy is activated and given full expression in the public arena. Your career gives you a chance to express your caring nature and the strength you have within yourself. Your understanding of family and basic security needs is the tool you bring into the professional arena that helps you shine. Your awareness of the importance of “home” and your ability to express your feelings are additional assets in furthering your career.

Your purpose in this lifetime involves sharing your personal beliefs in an impersonal, public arena. Your gut instincts are activated and expressed powerfully when you are in a public setting. In a nutshell, your professional choice inspires you to express your core beliefs in a form that benefits others. When you go “off track” in reaching goals, it’s because your motive is to ensure your own safety and security (or that of your family) rather than use your capacity for empathy to create a bond of caring in a way that works for everyone over the long haul.


The Power to Create Your Own Destiny

It is my hope that this report helps to illuminate your in-born gifts and talents for achieving worldly aims. You have the power to create your own destiny and it is the intention of this report to describe your special powers for reaching goals.

Once you are consciously aware of where your power in the world lies, you can then choose to follow lines of action that are in alignment with your actual gifts. This report points to your unique gifts – prompting you to identify the career that is right for you. This report also describes the approach to achieving goals that achieves success.

I hope when you read through these pages, a lot of “ah ha” moments occur to you. As you gain insight, you can piece together your talents described and connect them with what you’ve always felt drawn to do. A gift can be used in many different applications. For example, the gift of being able to create art and beauty and harmony can apply to many fields: an interior decorator, a painter, a stylist, or a diplomat.

Many people ask: “Will I be successful?” The answer is, it’s up to you. It’s a matter of free will. If you use your in-born talents and gifts, as described in this report, you will choose the profession that utilizes your gifts and thus be both happy and successful.

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