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Cosmic love book


LEARN THE SECRETS to open up intimacy and enjoy satisfying, lifelong romance

MOVE BEYOND old hurts that can tear a relationship apart

ALLOW OTHERS to be themselves–and not try to change them

EXPERIMENT with new ways of interacting in important relationships

DISCOVER what gifts your partner brings to you–and what gifts you bring to your partner

NAVIGATE the energy of past-life connections

COSMIC LOVE focuses in on your relationships, major areas of growth that you and your partner are working on in order to experience more love, the gifts you are meant to exchange, and specific past life contracts you are working out with this Soul.

COSMIC LOVE is the second book of a trilogy starting with Astrology For The Soul. A third book that Jan is currently writing will complete the series of this fascinating journey into using astrology to bring empowerment into your life by discovering your individual life purpose. And to have your connections calculated for you, visit? **Currently Under Repair. We apologize for the inconvenience**.

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