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Aries Thursday, August 17, 2017

You have a tendency to overreact emotionally today. Sidestep tendencies to impulsive anger. Re-focus on your goal in the situation; approach with diplomacy.

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Get the Big Picture of What to Expect this Month as the Planets Affect Your Sun Sign

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Aries (3/21 - 4/20)

Be sure to get out and play during the first few weeks of August while the Leo Sun encourages activities that bring you joy. Get together with loved ones and consider planning some time to relax and take a break from your usual obligations. On August 22nd, the Sun will move into Virgo, and  your daily responsibilities will be the focus during the final weeks of the month.

It might feel tempting to embark on a new adventure this month, but the timing will be better suited for research, re-evaluation, and revising works in progress. Mercury will be retrograde from August 12th to September 5th. However, during the first days of August, we’ll already be in the “shadow phase” of this phenomenon, which discourages initiating action. With the planet of communication and information in retrograde through your 6th house of daily work and wellness, it will be an ideal time to wrap up unfinished projects and reinforce healthful habits.

Just when Uranus reaches the final degrees of your Sun Sign, it will station retrograde on August 3rd, prolonging its journey through Aries until mid-May of 2018. (AND it will dip back into your sign briefly November 2018 - early March 2019.) If you were born April 16th - 20th, you’ll likely feel the energizing, innovative, and freedom-loving energies of Uranus the most this month. When Uranus goes retrograde, prepare to reawaken to your inner rebel. While you may be impatient to make radical changes, it will be wise to process how you feel about what needs to change during this Uranus retrograde.

Avoid acting impulsively in the coming months and try to make some small, incremental changes that can help ease whatever tension you may be experiencing. When Uranus stations direct on January 2, 2018, you’ll be better prepared to take productive steps towards a life filled with more freedom and passion!

This month, we’ll experience two Eclipses that will offer powerful realizations and the inspiration for new beginnings. On August 7th, the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius will put the focus on your 11th house of friendship and community and 5th house of romantic partnership and creativity. This may be a time when you recognize the need to contribute to a community-based or humanitarian effort. You’ll have the chance to share your creative talents and build strong alliances, but first, you may have to clear the air in some way that allows you to stand up for your principles. Remember that Lunar Eclipses elevate the emotional intensity in the atmosphere. Take a moment to consider how your words or actions may affect others.

On the 21st, a Solar Eclipse in Leo will promote endings and beginnings in the areas of creativity and romance. However, because Mercury will be retrograde, focus on what you need to release from your life at this time. It’s likely that you are ripe for a new beginning-- within an existing partnership or with a new special someone. You could be filled with creative inspiration as well! This month, you can make the most of the available astrological energies by taking care of unfinished business in order to clear your plate for what’s to come. Be patient and know that the second half of September will offer support to make bold steps forward.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

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