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Capricorn Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Having a defined goal you are aiming toward will benefit you today. Then you can take charge and use existing circumstances to your advantage.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Capricorn (12/21 - 1/20)

Get ready to take on new challenges this month, Capricorn. You’ve been working behind the scenes this Spring to finish up some of the work on your plate, and now it’s time to take a big step forward. You could be craving a change of location, or be in need of some more personal space in your home life. While you’ve been working on self-discovery of late, you also have inadvertently been working on intimate relationships. Whether attached or single, this month will promote opening your heart and sharing more of your emotional side with others.

On June 9th, Jupiter will station direct, ushering in a flow of opportunity and abundance. During the past four months, while Jupiter has been retrograde, it’s been better timing to assess your resources and values than take new action. Now that Jupiter is direct, people will be likely to put their philosophies into action. With Jupiter traversing your 10th house of career and public image, you’re in line for some career luck and/or public recognition. You may be offered the opportunity to make more money, but be prepared to take on more responsibility. Teamwork and collaborative efforts will be especially successful.

June 9th will also be the day of the Full Moon in Sagittarius. This month’s Full Moon will highlight your subconscious thoughts. It will be an excellent opportunity to pay attention to anything you’ve been in denial about. You may not like everything that you discover, but there will be some inspiration waiting for you within your inner truth.

On the 16th, Neptune will station retrograde, beginning a cycle that will unfold over the next five months. Between now and November 22nd, you’ll be able to access your subconscious and intuition more easily than when this planet is direct. While Neptune is retrograde, you could be motivated to connect with a higher power through meditation or prayer. Make time for your spiritual practice.

You could be questioning some of your values now and feel in need of guidance. Someone you admire could serve as a mentor to help you through this time. Avoid making important decisions during the days around the 16th, as Neptune’s station will make make everyone’s thinking a little foggy. Revisit anything you’ve been pondering, after June 19th, for best results.

On June 20th, the Sun will ingress into Cancer, marking the Summer Solstice, a time to celebrate with loved ones and enjoy some well-earned down time. Despite your current obligations, make it a priority to engage in playful activities with friends and family. Don’t forget to acknowledge your hard work thus far and give yourself some time to take a breath before you take the next big steps.

The Cancer New Moon on June 23rd will provide support for goals related to partnership, marriage, home and family life, emotional understanding, creative teamwork, and self-care.





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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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