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Pisces Saturday, April 29, 2017

Your idealistic romantic tendencies may be disrupted today. This is to your advantage as seeing clearly is the first step to taking charge successfully.

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Get the Big Picture of What to Expect this Month as the Planets Affect Your Sun Sign

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Pisces (2/20 - 3/21)

April will be a month for reflection, review, and revision! Although the Sun will be in action-oriented Aries through April 18th, the influence of several retrograde planets will not support new commitments or the initiation of new ideas. Mercury will be retrograde and transiting your 2nd house of finance from April 20th through the end of the month, making it a powerful time to resolve debts and re-work your budget.

This month’s Mercury retrograde will begin in Taurus and your 3rd house of learning and communication. This will be beneficial timing to follow through on promises made to others. Avoid making new commitments and instead focus on finishing what you’ve started. When Mercury moves back into Aries and your 2nd house of finance on April 20th, you will have the chance to review your resources and take action to repay debts or collect money owed to you.

Venus retrograde (March 4 - April 15) continues during the first half of April, yet the shadow phase will last until May 18th. Last month, Venus retrograde in your 2nd house of finance and self-worth could have helped you to catch bookkeeping errors or reign in excessive spending. This month, Venus has moved back into your Sun Sign, which will help you to renew and care of yourself!

Use the time that Venus is in Pisces (April 2 - April 27) to rest, dream, and value yourself. You may feel inspired to take a personal retreat—locations near water will be particularly beneficial to your spirit. Be gentle with yourself and others now. You’re scheduled for some emotional release, so give yourself permission to let your feelings flow through you. Celebrate your unique gifts and treat yourself like the VIP that you are.

Saturn, planet of rules, structure, and life lessons, will station retrograde on April 6th, initiating a cycle that will last until August 25th. Saturn has been transiting your 10th house of career and public image for the past couple of years. You’ve been scheduled for some hard work during this time, but also have been well positioned for this work to be recognized and for it to pay off in a big way!

While Saturn is retrograde the next few months, any setbacks you may encounter in the workplace can serve as learning experiences to help you achieve your goals. You could be more susceptible than usual to fear of public failure or authority figures. Take some time to analyze why you’re really afraid. It could be that you’re overwhelmed with the idea of taking on more responsibility. What conscious choices can you make to define your role in a job or project that will help you to proceed with confidence? Perhaps you need to ask for help or gain new skills by taking a class.

The Full Moon on April 11th will be in Libra and your 8th house of intimacy and shared finance. This Full Moon will promote loving partnerships and a passionate sex life! Pisces in an existing relationship will be able to gain clarity on partnership issues and cultivate emotional understanding with their partner. If single, you may experience a compelling attraction to someone new who feels familiar to you.

On April 19th, the Sun will ingress into Taurus and your 3rd house of communication and learning. During the second half of April, you could experience miscommunications, cancelled plans, and travel delays. Keep a patient attitude and remember that you’re meant to slow down and do less during this time period. Take care to clarify your intentions with others and avoid taking things too personally.

The April 26th New Moon will be in Taurus and your 3rd house of learning and communication. Use the power of this New Moon to set intentions related to maintaining a calm state of mind, patience, practical thinking, long-term commitments, and sticking to your principles.

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

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