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Virgo Thursday, April 25, 2019

You may feel a need to get things organized in your home today. Bypass over-planning and just start getting the job done!

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Virgo (8/23 - 9/23)

The Sun will be in Aries, lighting up your 8th house of intimacy and shared finance through the 19th. Romantic and/or business dealings will be infused with passion, which could have quite positive effects. But take care not to act too impulsively or engage in unnecessary conflicts. On the 20th, the Sun will ingress into Taurus and your 9th house of travel, adventure, and higher education. After this date, you’ll find yourself to be more productive when you give yourself small rewards for staying on task with a big goal.

The April 5th New Moon in Aries signifies a time for powerful new beginnings! This New Moon initiates this year's New Moon cycle with Aries as the first sign. Set intentions related to your love life, emotional clarity, asserting healthy boundaries, and celebrating your individuality within a partnership. Get ready to spring into action after the 15th when we clear the shadow of the last Mercury retrograde cycle (March 5th - 28th).

We have three outer planets stationing retrograde this month, which will turn our attention to our inner power and ability to make things happen for ourselves. Jupiter, planet of luck and opportunity, will station retrograde on the 10th, initiating a cycle that will last until August 11, 2019. This will be a fortuitous time to upgrade your living situation. You’ll be called to focus on your sense of stability and how to attract what you need emotionally and materially to feel safe and happy.

The Libra Full Moon on the 19th will help you to gain clarity on your finances. A joint investment or business partnership could show profits at this time, and negotiations will likely come to a fair resolution.

Pluto and Saturn will be stationing retrograde near the end of the month in the sign of Capricorn, helping you to claim more of your creative talents and ability to extend your generosity to others. You’ll be learning to release control some of the time in order to make room for new and inspiring energies.

If you feel something has been missing from your life, it might be spontaneity, creativity, and the ability to laugh at yourself. Virgos can sometimes take life too seriously, and the “strict” planets of Pluto and Saturn are calling for you to lighten your load. Release limiting thoughts and fears that may be preventing you from embracing more of what life has to offer. You may have to use your organizational skills to plan more time for fun in your schedule.

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

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