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Scorpio Tuesday, June 18, 2019

You could write a symphony today. Creative energy is totally at your disposal!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Scorpio (10/23 -11/22)

The June 3rd New Moon will be in Gemini, which will support new beginnings related to intimate partnerships and shared resources. Use the first few weeks of the month to make big decisions regarding relationships or business agreements, as we’ll enter the shadow of Mercury retrograde on the 20th. On the 21st, we’ll experience the Summer Solstice and the Sun’s ingress into Cancer. After this date, the pace will slow, and you could be ready for a vacation.

At the New Moon, you’ll be supported to set intentions related to improving a current partnership or attracting a romantic partner into your life. This New Moon will also emphasize your inner truth and coming out of denial. It’s time to let go of false beliefs that could be limiting your ability to let others know you on a deeper level. Journaling will be especially helpful to pinpoint what you’d like to focus on during this Moon cycle.

The Full Moon will be in Sagittarius on June 17th, lighting up your 2nd house of finance. You could be rewarded for your hard work with money or material resources. It will be excellent timing to assess your financial situation. You could determine that saving for education and/or international travel is a priority. Avoid over-idealizing your situation, and take a conservative attitude when it comes to your current spending habits.

The Summer Solstice will be June 21st, marking the Sun’s ingress into Cancer and your 9th house of travel, adventure, and higher education. Neptune, also representing the subconscious, will station retrograde on this date, which could create mental “fog.” As June closes, we’re being directed to slow down, rest, and regroup.

Your best bet during the final week of June will be to do some big picture visioning, but avoid committing to a plan at this time. The astrological energies will support keeping your options open and allowing yourself to dream without worrying about the details. Your mission is to find what inspires you! Once you have your vision, begin to do some research and figure out some of the necessary action steps.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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