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Sagittarius Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Just talking with people can be a great adventure today. You will feel the joy of higher insights through exchanging information with others.

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Get the Big Picture of What to Expect this Month as the Planets Affect Your Sun Sign

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sagittarius (11/22 - 12/21)

This month will offer the traction needed to move forward with personal goals. You may feel guided by a divine power—listen to messages that may come to you during meditation or prayer. For the past few years, Saturn has been transiting your 1st house of self, helping you to identify what you want and learn how to successfully go after it. During June, you can combine your creative passion with a practical action plan to move towards a fulfilling purpose that you feel called to pursue. If you were born December 10th - December 15th, you’ll be feeling this energy quite intensely. It’s your time to go for it!

On June 9th, Jupiter will station direct, ushering in a flow of opportunity and abundance. During the past four months while Jupiter has been retrograde, it’s been better timing to assess your resources and values than take new action. Now that Jupiter is direct, people will be likely to put their philosophies into action. With Jupiter traversing your 11th house of friendship and community, it will be wonderful timing to attract new people into your life. Get out and mingle to expand your social circles.

June 9th will also be the day of the Full Moon in your Sun Sign! During the days around the Full Moon, you could experience strong emotions. Keep in mind that things will feel calmer a few days after the Full Moon has passed. Use the clarifying energy of the Full Moon to help you to notice areas of life that are ripe for change. Take time alone to observe how you feel without the influence of others. Later in the month, you’ll feel confident about the right action to take.

On the 16th, Neptune will station retrograde, beginning a cycle that will unfold over the next five months. Between now and November 22nd, you’ll be able to access your subconscious and intuition more easily than when this planet is direct. While Neptune is retrograde, you could gain insights about your career path, an authority figure, or the way that you appear to others.

It could feel as if you need a change of direction, but aren’t clear about which way to go. Avoid making important decisions during the days around the 16th, as Neptune’s station will make make everyone’s thinking a little foggy. Revisit anything you’ve been pondering, after June 19th, for best results.

On June 20th, the Sun will ingress into Cancer, marking the Summer Solstice, a time of year to reflect on past achievements and appreciate loved ones. It will be a special time for partnership as well as enjoying the company of family and friends. Look for ways to balance your responsibilities with some leisure time.

The Cancer New Moon on June 23rd will provide support for goals related to intimate partnerships, starting a family, joint business ventures, psychological healing, and listening to your intuition.





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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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