Your Birth Chart Interpretation

Written by: Jan Spiller


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6/14/1946, 10:54 am at Jamaica, NY



  1. Introduction
  2. Where the Planets are located in your Natal Birth Chart by Sign and by House
  3. Aspects
  4. Conclusion




The moment of your birth is reflected in your Natal Birth Chart. It is perfect and very carefully chosen by your own Soul for continued spiritual growth. Your astrology chart precisely depicts this – your ‘internal wiring.’ It shows the path you need to follow in order to fulfill your personal potential and gain the satisfaction of wholeness – it is the map ‘back home.’

The information in this report can help you to align and cooperate with the direction of your own internal energies. When you understand how the choices for action are influenced by the planets located in specific signs in your chart, then you can exercise conscious free will within the framework of this deeper understanding of your individual identity.

Unconscious Expression and Conscious Expression

The discussion of the planetary urges is divided into “Unconscious Expression” and “Conscious Expression.” The “Unconscious Expression” explains past-life tendencies that, without awareness, you will continue to enact. This describes habitual responses that result in personal defeat and isolation from inner joy. The “Conscious Expression” suggests the purification process that can resolve these self-defeating tendencies. It is like a dark room – turn on the light and the darkness is easily dissolved. Once the “Unconscious Expression” is exposed, the Light from your inner self will allow you to release it, allowing you to make new choices.

As you read about the “Unconscious Expression,” the corresponding unconsciousness may be stimulated and rise to the surface to be released. It’s not unusual to feel devastated after reading this section. In fact, the degree to which you allow yourself to feel totally hopeless when reading the “Unconscious Expression” condition is the depth to which it can be cleared out and released. It will be replaced with a sense of inner freedom and ease as you read the “Conscious Expression” description, which reveals new options.

Running Experiments to Discover Truth

The purpose of running experiments is to find out what works – what produces an increase of happiness and ease in your relationships with others and with life. You are the only one who knows what things are true for you, and your inner self is the ultimate judge of the completeness and accuracy of the insights offered in this report. With some planetary descriptions you may feel a sense of “Yes, that’s exactly how I experience it,” and with others there may be no immediate recognition. You are the authority, and your practical experience is the best guide.

None of us breaks ancient patterns of unconsciousness all at once. It’s a process of choosing to do things a little differently, with a little more awareness, step by step. To get started, pick one of the ideas that ‘rings true’ to you and apply it by expressing yourself differently in that area in daily situations and see what happens. Approach it as an experiment.

As you begin consciously changing the way you interact with others, you can experience the empowerment of shifting situations in ways that are more to your liking and creating more positive results. By staying focused on your experiment, you will also find that environmental stimuli are less likely to throw you off your center of inner joy.

Sun in Astrology

Your Key to Self-Actualization

The Sun in the birth chart signifies your divinely endowed power and talent: your individual, creative style of self-expression and your style of leadership. The SIGN of the SUN in your chart indicates the avenues through which these abilities can be spontaneously expressed. This is where you shine!



You feel you have the right:

  • To experience the superficial variety in life;
  • To change your mind frequently;
  • To dance over the surface of existence.

Unconscious Expression

Asleep focus: Gaining a quick, superficial interaction with others through stimulating conversation.

Risk: You may appear unable to maintain deep friendships.

Result: Indulging in a tendency toward superficiality can create a shallow life experience without your realizing it. If you want to be recognized as quick-witted and congenial, you may tend to talk in a manner others don’t trust. You may become an annoyance, refusing to discuss personal feelings or matters of depth, impatient with profound thinking and looking for fast, logical insights.

This style of expression can cause loved ones to mistrust your spontaneity and yearn to impose restrictions on you.

Conscious Expression

With a new focus: Uplifting others with your ability to think quickly.

Result: Now you show your knack for expressing a lighthearted, friendly approach. You have a gift for creating a feeling of ease in tense or serious circumstances. By giving others the opportunity to communicate, you let them share the depths of their feelings, knowledge, and goals.

Then you can respond in an open-minded way that enhances the congeniality of the moment. By listening, you expand your viewpoints and opportunities to connect with others on a broader range of ideas.

When you become conscious of others’ ideas, you inspire them to enjoy and see value in a variety of experiences. This leads to mutual love and appreciation. Accepting other people’s points of view and encouraging a two-way flow of ideas increases your vitality.

Your Secret Magical Power:

The Power of Communication

There is a lightness, a chattiness to Gemini. You like to stay in motion and can flit from person to person or thought to thought. You are generally humorous and try to make social situations more lighthearted. You love being out and about, connecting with others and exchanging information.

You get bored easily and in a party situation, are not generally speaking with the same person all night. You prefer to connect with a lot of people rather than go deeply with just one or two. You are often distracted with a fluttery quality – and can’t sit still. You spend a certain amount of time communicating with someone and then you want to move on.


Gemini rules the conscious mind and intelligence. Gemini brains are the fastest in the zodiac-always in motion. You are not necessarily an intellectual, but you’re inevitably fast-thinking and whatever gains your attention, you can figure out how to “push the buttons” in that particular game.

You demonstrate for the rest of us the constant movement of the mind, the duality of positive versus negative, good versus bad. As you learn how to harness your mental energy – not allow it to run away in thought – you show the rest of us how to gain control over our thoughts.

You will bring in an opposing point of view if you don’t like the fact that another person is presenting a rigid, narrow, close-minded perspective. You might get into a debate – even on a subject that doesn’t mean that much to you, even on ridiculous stuff.

Gemini rules debate and for you it’s the joy of expansion. You’re innocently interested in others and what they think, and consider other people’s perspectives fascinating.

Your Life Lesson Involves

Mastering the Mind

Your challenge on the earth is in how you handle that split in your own life so that the duality of the mind does not sabotage your happiness. Your process is to first be victimized by being submerged in the mind and acting it out in daily life. Over time you learn how to “walk the line” between the two sides.

You are like the charioteer guiding the carriage with a team of two wild horses. Your process of taming the mind helps to heal for the rest of us the issue of the mind being out of control and taking over our lives.

Because you are born with the mission of first being enmeshed into the dualistic mechanism of the mind and acting it out, in the process of so deeply understanding how the mind works you are uniquely equipped to rise above the mind and thus master it. An example would be Gemini American philosopher and theologian, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Sun in the Houses
How to Spark Your Vitality



Because the SUN is located in the 10th house of your birth chart, you gain vitality when you are out in the world involved in your profession or taking charge of a situation.

The leadership skills in your Sun Sign get fired up and activated in circumstances that involve presenting your work to the public. The desire to keep your public image sterling motivates you to take action in some way, and inspires your creativity.

The process of reaching a goal ignites your Sun Sign and revitalizes you. You feel you have the right to social achievement and public recognition, and the ability to create it.


Moon in Astrology

Your Key to Emotional Fulfillment

The Moon in the birth chart reveals your deepest personal, emotional needs. The SIGN of the MOON in your chart indicates the most advantageous ways to meet your needs for nurturing, deep personal connection and emotional completion.

The Moon further reveals the avenues through which you need to nourish others – and be nourished – in order to create intimacy, acceptance, and nonverbal expressions of caring. Your Moon Sign also illuminates your ability to integrate change without being emotionally disrupted.

Additionally, the Moon’s Sign placement shows where there may be habits based on survival dependency from childhood (perhaps adopted from watching your mother) that can create unconscious attempts to manipulate others to meet your needs. This can result in separating yourself from other people by expressing emotional needs in ways that repel them. In order to gain the closeness and intimacy you need to create a stable emotional foundation, the underlying feelings driving this process need to be brought into awareness and healed through awareness of your Moon Sign.


Unconscious Expression

Acting out the urge to strive perpetually to confirm your intellectual superiority leads to becoming obsessed with feeling you have to obtain a tangible result. You may seek the ultimate grand vision that will empower you to put your physical universe in order. Or you might believe that when you demonstrate perfection in all aspects of your life, others will bow to your moral knowledge and bestow the faith that you need.

You may unconsciously search for the elusive ideal of the perfect solution that gives you proof of your righteousness. In the absence of an ultimate ideal, you may feel unable to act and can become lost and confused, lacking confidence in your perspective.

Conscious Expression

When you take responsibility for creating closeness with others, you find that spreading your theoretical conclusions does not result in effective communication. You can become so preoccupied with imperfection that you fail to see your perfect image in the eyes of others. The truth is that others already see the nobility of your striving.

The idea is to free yourself of judgments and evaluations so that you can accept your own perfection. You accomplish this by concentrating on the deeper messages of others, thus experiencing their perfection, which puts you in touch with your own.

Key: Listening Leads to Security

By sacrificing the impulse to prove superior knowledge, you can hear what others are asking. Responding with spontaneous intuitive answers enables them to find the truth and source of their own perfection. In this way you also find security and the closeness with others that you want. By putting others in touch with their completeness, you experience your own.

You can communicate innocently by sharing your vision and allowing others to apply it in their own lives. This technique lets you contribute to them in a way they can accept; this acceptance is the acknowledgment you need. When you discover that you are able to communicate truth, you experience your own security along with the idealistic closeness with others that you desire.

In Past Lives

Past-life experiences have been spent gaining-and being an example of-spiritual truth, as philosophers, spiritual leaders and naturalists. In some cases, misuse of spiritual authority in past lives (putting oneself above the law) has caused a blind spot regarding social mores in this lifetime. Until this is understood, there may be blundering in this life, accompanied by seemingly unfair social punishment and retribution. If this is the case, you are learning not to put yourself above social laws and ethics of appropriate conduct. Once you decide to cooperate with prevailing social mores, the blind spot is removed and you will no longer experience society as unexpectedly inhibiting your desire for freedom.

You have a long history of going your own way, unfettered by the demands of society-a law unto yourself. Consequently, you have been socially isolated from others and come into this lifetime with a sense of loneliness and wanting to be understood and accepted by others. You long to be able to share the truth and inspiration gained in past lives with others, hoping that the vitality of this exchange will reconnect you with your own source.

Key: Understanding to be Understood

When you come off your philosophical mountaintop and learn to relate, you will realize that to be understood, you must first seek to understand others.

You are learning to drop isolating self-righteous attitudes and to use your mind to discover the unspoken rules of personality interactions–rules that others take for granted. When you accept these boundaries of socially accepted behavior, you will be able to share your philosophical awareness with others in a way they can accept and appreciate.

Moon in the Houses
How to Gain Emotional Fulfillment & Security




When the MOON is located in the 4th house of your birth chart, the nurturing you need to feel emotionally satisfied comes through spending time in your home and with family members. You gain security by nourishing others with your sensitive, personal feelings and through a secure family environment.

Mercury in Astrology

Your Key to Effective Communication


Mercury in the Birth chart indicates the nature of your mental talents, your intellectual approach, and your gifts for verbal communication. The SIGN of MERCURY in your chart shows the avenues of communication that most easily inspire a sense of affinity and mutual sharing with others. It reveals what you think about, and the types of mental connection with others that can create a true sharing of information that results in expanded mutual understanding.

Mercury’s Sign Placement further reveals the process by which you may create endless mental worries and negative expectations that can unconsciously keep you from being yourself and telling the truth out of fear. It illuminates the motives that cause you to withhold yourself verbally, which inevitably leads to misunderstandings with others.


Unconscious Expression

Asleep fear: Losing your emotional connections with others.

Result: Your rational mind can become dominated almost entirely by moods, feelings and emotions. This inadvertently forces others to respond with either sympathetic indulgence or overt rebuff. Indulging in communications that demand the sympathy of others may expose you to unnecessary rejection.

Conscious Expression

When you focus on being aware of the sensitivities of others as well as your own, your ability to communicate goes beyond words. You can then reach out emotionally, sensitively, and empathetically in ways that are a true reflection of your caring for others.

MERCURY in the Houses
Reveals Your Special Intellectual Ability




When MERCURY is located in the 11th house of your birth chart, your thinking becomes clear when you focus on what is for the greatest good of all in the situation facing you. You have the special gift of objective perception and communicating in a friendly, impersonal manner that does not alienate or put others on the defensive.


Venus in Astrology

Your Key to Love and Self-Worth


Venus in the Birth chart reveals the key to building a sense of personal self-worth and gaining a firm understanding of your value to others. The SIGN of VENUS in your chart indicates the ways in which you can best use your innate gift for putting other people at ease and creating harmony in social situations, which brings feelings of satisfaction and self-worth. Venus is the principle of loving and being loved.

Venus also denotes the receiving – rather than initiating – sexual principle, and shows your natural talent for experiencing and expressing pleasure that can be shared with others in the spirit of harmonious interaction. It indicates how focusing on those personal values that give you pleasure, and contributing your own brand of warmth, results in an atmosphere of open sharing.

The Sign in which Venus occurs also discloses the process by which you may lose confidence and self-esteem in social situations. This can result in withholding yourself socially or relinquishing your own inner pleasure in order to live up to the expectations of others, both of which result in further feelings of personal inadequacy.


Unconscious Expression

Self-defeating habit: Over-sensitivity and self-protection in social situations.

Result: Indulging in self-protection exaggerates your feelings of isolation. Self-absorption leads to withholding your ability to empathize with others on deep, personal levels for fear that such caring may be rejected. Feelings of inadequacy and withdrawal in relationships can then result.

You have a tendency to cling to private ideals of how people should respond so that your feelings won’t be hurt and you’ll feel worthwhile. This expectation inevitably leads to experiencing others as being abrasive and unsympathetic to your subjective personal needs.

If you seek to manipulate others’ emotions to gain attention and caring, you may hold back your ability to care for and nourish others. This behavior results in social isolation and deep feelings of inadequacy.

Conscious Expression

By being willing to share your gift of sensitivity, you’ll develop a sense of other people’s situations. Then you can assist them by sharing the wealth of your loving emotional nature. In extending empathy to help others overcome their emotional hurt, you simultaneously realize a deep sense of social worth.

When this ability to put people in touch with their sensitivities is brought forth, you are appreciated for your value. You experience an unshakable sense of self-worth when you encourage others to communicate their feelings and respond with your unusual sensitivity.

When you give others confidence in their capabilities to achieve what they want, you confirm your usefulness and value. Emotional nourishment and security in all social relations become yours when love and nurturing is freely given to others and nothing is expected in return.

VENUS in the Houses
How to Increase Your Feelings of Self-Worth



When VENUS is located in the 11th house of your birth chart, you experience the pleasure of feeling loved when you involve yourself in spending time with your friends.

You can increase your self-worth by sharing personal resources in group situations and through exercising your ability to initiate and bring harmony into your friendships and group activities.


Mars in Astrology


Your Key to Passion, Energy and Assertiveness


Mars in the birth chart indicates your unique abilities in terms of taking the initiative and leadership. The SIGN of MARS in your chart shows the key to putting things in motion in ways that are successful and effective, and highlights the ways in which self-assertion can lead to joyous independence and renewed physical energy. Further, it discloses the power of a specific individual commitment that will inspire you in terms of productive self-assertion.

In addition, Mars’ Sign placement indicates the initiating – rather than receiving – sexual principle, and reveals the desire that motivates you to act. While this indicates how to assert yourself in ways that can be accepted by others and encourages creative and satisfying interactions, it also reveals the process by which you may unintentionally separate yourself and alienate others.


Unconscious Expression

Asleep tendency: Alienating others by asserting in ways that make you appear larger than life.

Result: If you compete for center stage to ensure that you will be acknowledged, you may sacrifice leadership. You lose energy by indulging in dramatic demonstrations of authority over others and by pressing to get your way regardless of their feelings.

Conscious Expression

Awake leadership: Using the power of dramatic emotional expression to inspire and encourage others in their self-expression.

Acting on a commitment to inspire others through your enthusiasm reinforces your sense of independence. Your energies increase in direct proportion to your willingness to unite with others.

MARS in the Houses
Ability for Assertion and Accomplishment



When MARS is located in the 12th house of your birth chart, you regain strength and energize yourself by spending time alone. When you are by yourself your best path of action becomes apparent. Your ability for assertion and accomplishment is connected to your private dream and to manifesting universal urges and visions.


Jupiter in Astrology

Your Key to Good Luck and Personal Expansion


Jupiter in the birth chart represents a more philosophical view of life – the awareness of an ordered universe behind chaotic appearances – which allows you to create value and personal growth out of any circumstances that life presents. The SIGN of JUPITER in the chart reveals the path where you naturally see this larger perspective, which leads to faith and confidence in life and in yourself, and locates the source of trust that can be tapped within each individual.

Additionally, Jupiter’s Sign also pinpoints the avenues that can lead to joy through utilizing social opportunity for personal expansion. It denotes an area of natural good fortune that, when activated, overcomes feelings of limitation and fear.

Jupiter also illuminates that area of life where your perspective can impart faith to others. The nature of Jupiter is so ‘wholehearted’ that if the sign your Jupiter is in is overdone, it can lead to carelessness and an extravagance that backfires on you by taking you beyond constructive boundaries.


Unconscious Expression

Habitual hesitation: Postponing dealing with others on a one-to-one level.

Result: Fearing inability to maintain harmony in your relationships, you may experience many shallow, unsatisfying associations throughout life. If you avoid a deep, intimate alliance and instead adopt an insensitive attitude of expectation toward your friends and partners, you may inadvertently create isolation from others.

Conscious Expression

Accepted leap of faith: Put yourself in situations where you will experience intimate contacts with people. Then you undergo a sense of expansion and joy.

As you accept and trust deep relationships and get close to people on more than superficial levels, you gain a continuous inspiration to self-growth. Self-trust increases as you use your natural abilities for creating ease in social situations to unite others into a harmonic whole.

JUPITER in the Houses
How to Attract Social Opportunities and Rewards



When JUPITER is located in the 2nd house of your birth chart, you inherently trust in your good luck in always having money flow into your life. You attract social opportunities and rewards when you actively expand your material values and act on your ability to earn money.


Saturn in Astrology

Your Key to Achieving Personal and Public Success


Saturn in the birth chart represents the purpose and direction in your life – the responsibility of fulfilling your destiny. The SIGN of SATURN in your chart shows the avenues by which publicly fulfilling your social obligation can result in a sense of personal achievement and self-esteem. The by-product is earning the respect of others for your natural authority in the world.

Saturn further indicates the ways in which the power of your personal commitment to contribute to society gives you the courage and self-discipline to rise above inhibition and fear, making those personal corrections that are necessary to achieve goals that are supported by the rest of the world.

The Sign where Saturn falls also pinpoints your greatest desire and greatest fear, and indicates the process by which your fears can deflect you from fulfilling your purpose. It shows that aspect of life where you do not yet “have it straight:” where you must tap into your powers of endurance and your ability to see things through in order to apply repeated effort to gain mastery on a non-ego level. Only through accepting and meeting the tests of Saturn can the bliss and freedom of transpersonal states of consciousness (represented by Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) be secured on a permanent basis.


Unconscious Expression

You may try: To make other people respect your feelings because you are a sensitive person.

Result: This invites rejection. The resulting self-protection leads to creating emotional limitations in your life that may appear to be security. When you are afraid of dealing directly and objectively with others about your sensitivities, you experience a severe limitation and repression of your emotional nature. This eventually cuts off your ability to experience feeling anything at all.

Conscious Expression

Your skills and social responsibility: To experience your subjective feelings deeply and then to bring those feelings into manifestation in a way that benefits others as well as yourself. Acknowledging yourself as the creator of your feelings empowers you to delve into your sensitivities.

Once in touch with your true feelings, you have the ability to bring those feelings to the surface in an objective way that clears the air and benefits everyone. You possess the ability and the responsibility in the world for creating an environment in which everyone, including yourself, is nurtured and secure.

In Past Lives

You have reached a stage in your evolutionary path where it is necessary to bring past-life sensitivities and caring into an organized format for public expression. This process emerges from subconscious levels – suddenly you may find yourself excited and involved in activities that have the potential to lead to a profession or career. As you begin to use and express these instinctive past-life talents, you gain a sense of the career that can be truly fulfilling to your basic inner needs. You are learning to take responsibility for the expression of past-life identities, desires, and talents in the context of the current lifetime environment.

There is insecurity about really belonging in the home and family environment of origin. This leads to feeling needy and overly dependent on others for emotional support. Karmically, you are bringing in new ideas that are not yet familiar to society or understood by your family. It is as though you are from another planet and do not find affinity with the consciousness of your family structure.

Your task: To find a sense of belonging and comfort within yourself, and to make new families based on an inner connection with others.

SATURN in the Houses
The Need to Acknowledge a Desire



When SATURN is located in the 11th house of your birth chart, you gain healthy control of your life when you are willing to take charge of successfully guiding yourself and others to reaching larger life dreams.

There is a need to acknowledge your desire to distinguish yourself among your peers. Saturn offers the responsibility and reward of gaining the knowledge that will make you an authority among equals.


Uranus in Astrology

Your Key to Aha Moments – Feeling Fully Alive


Uranus in the birth chart represents your capacity to connect with a higher level of consciousness; intuitive perceptions of life that can empower you to rise above the confusion of interfering ideas. The SIGN of URANUS in your chart indicates the avenues through which you can become more receptive to this higher awareness, as well as your potential to express innovative ideas that can alter antiquated situations which no longer meet people’s needs. It also pinpoints how you need to experience – in a responsible, conscious way – the excitement of independence and personal freedom in order for your perceptions to remain clear.

In addition, the Sign of Uranus indicates the process by which your eccentric, unpredictable behavior may lead others to feel that you are too untrustworthy to be taken seriously. It exposes the manner in which your unconscious expression of careless indifference to others can lead to situations of emotional disruption and separation, and shows where you must assume responsibility to express and safeguard your need for freedom in ways that do not alienate others.


Your ability: To perceive innovative forms of communication for reaching people with the message of the times. You have fresh insights into how to verbalize and promote the new directions that have been established.

Disruption occurs: Only when attempts are made to stay on a logical, rational level with your messages instead of expanding the mind to a more intuitive form of communication.

Uranus in the Houses
Where you need the Freedom to be Uniquely Yourself


Unconscious Expression

Habitual tendency: To be demanding by believing that you can alter things in the world through careless, rash behavior.

Result: You may attain worldly positions that are made in your image without being aware of the social responsibilities of what you seek to accomplish in the world. There is a temptation to destroy for destruction’s sake, which results in disrupting instead of freeing the status quo, a revolution with no social purpose.

Conscious Expression

You know how to uniquely express your individuality through responsibly taking on the role of world reformer. When you act with awareness of the social structure of which you are a part – and with awareness of how much can be creatively changed for the good of all – the result is executive or political genius.


neptune in astrology

Your Key to Imagination and Emotional Ecstasy


Neptune in the birth chart represents connection to the oneness of Unconditional Love; the removal of illusion and the revelation of truth. The SIGN of NEPTUNE in your chart indicates how you can begin the process of trusting the universe to manifest – according to its standards of perfection – by releasing your own personal standards and preconceived notions of ‘the ideal.’ This allows the reality of the ideal to be manifested, enabling you to create your dreams in ways that are truly fulfilling and produce rewards in the material world.

The Sign of Neptune also reveals the self-defeating patterns and emotional illusions that lead to your highest expectations and your most intense disappointment. These illusions prevent you from experiencing the ecstasy inherent in the true ideal. However, Neptune also points to the avenues through which you can gain the strength, serenity, and ecstatic vision of Divine contact and trust in the workings of the universe.


Your generation’s potential: Realizing the higher aspects of relating to people on the level of planetary awareness.

The innate vision: Creating lasting peace and the abolition of war on this planet. It is also the generation following an ideal of spiritual union and oneness among people. They initiated new ethics of living together that replaced old forms of marriage.

The Neptune-in-Libra dilemma: Dealing with idealistic expectations in relationships. It offers the choice of accepting or denying the commitment to personal integrity that is necessary to realize your highest ideals in relationships.

Neptune in the Houses
Where you do not see things clearly


Unconscious Expression

When you try to create a show of self-value, it causes you to lose contact with your inner sense of self-esteem. Desiring to prove your individual worth by making money (or not making money), leads to disillusionment when others do not accept your worth as you think they should. This can also result in frustration when you are unable to buy the feeling of self-esteem that is sought.

Conscious Expression

The key is to let go of ideals of how you should establish your worth. This empowers you to use your assets for building something of worthwhile emotional and spiritual service.

Allowing the universe to support you gives you confidence to trust and look to life for material rewards. These will come to you when your goal performs a true service to others. When you realize that money or lack of it is not the way to acquire self-esteem, you can pledge yourself to establishing universal values.

This leads to experiencing the ecstasy of knowing that the universe always supports you and gives you its material possessions, when you use these resources to heal others. This in turn provides the realization of your worth to the universe, and results in personal happiness and self-esteem in the process.


pluto in astrology

Your Key to Fearlessness and Personal Empowerment


Pluto in the birth chart represents the capacity to gain personal empowerment through overcoming fear. The SIGN of PLUTO in your chart reveals the part of yourself that is the most difficult to face and to expose to others.

Pluto shows where you covertly resist change the most, and where willingness to transform will have the biggest impact on your life. If you are willing to risk it all, exposing personal perceptions and values on the deepest levels, you can release your greatest internal repression. This leads to experiencing a new sense of fearlessness, personal empowerment and true self-mastery.

In addition, the Sign of Pluto in your chart denotes where you are constantly challenged to use your power to drastically alter stagnant situations. It exposes the temptation to use Divine power as a tool of the personal ego and self-will, which can have explosive repercussions that lead to self-suppression.

Pluto reveals the way in which you need to be willing to die psychologically in order to be reborn into an experience of life on a whole new level, where you can claim the high consciousness of clear right action and alignment with the Self. This is also where you fear that embracing your connection with High Consciousness might make you different from others and lead to isolation.


Your generation’s calling: To participate in world transformation by altering your creative self-expression and communicating with other nations on the level of art, music, and the new consciousness. You are also handed the challenge of dealing with each nation asserting itself as a power in the world.

Personal fear: Expressing your emotions honestly through your sense of drama and creative talents.

The Pluto-in-Leo challenge: To risk the disapproval of others for a larger sense of self-approval through open and powerful self-expression.

Pluto in the Houses
Where you can gain empowerment and self-mastery over your life


Unconscious Expression

Fear-based withholding: Repressing the power to use your contact with larger, unseen spiritual forces of life in ways that provoke you and others into deeper awareness of the spiritual dimension of self.

Result: This holding back robs everyone of the chance to experience life by personally contacting the deepest source of empowerment and identity. The temptation is to deny the empowerment of your ideals and fail to express your vision.

Fearing the loss of control or the disruption of the rest of your life results in not responding to circumstances on the basis of a vision you see. This leads to frustration, a feeling of being misunderstood by the world, and a resentment of others for their lack of vision and understanding.

Fearing you may lose your spiritual security by sharing it may lead to not exposing the power of intangible causes to others. This leaves you with only a stagnant sense of the power of the real self.

Conscious Expression

Fearlessness and charisma result when you go beyond your greatest fears by surrendering to the power of your vision. Taking the risk of trusting life to support you – knowing you are acting in accord with right action – empowers you to express your spiritual vision. This can result in a temporary disruption and invalidation of your private sense of security. It leads to the purging of repressive unconscious fears and the purification of a new connection with the unseen forces of life.

You claim high consciousness when you reveal the perceptions of hidden causes and profound inner meanings of others’ lives. The challenge is to expose the truth of the visions that you see regardless of the consequences. Taking the risk of fully expressing your vision releases your empowerment. This allows you to both experience and perceive a deeper relationship with self.

Exposing your discernment releases an intense potency that can stun others. This allows you to understand with compassion that others may temporarily invalidate the insight until they have had a chance to accept and incorporate it. Your challenge is to sacrifice the motive of wanting your observations validated by others or forcing them to align with their real self, as you envision it. This frees you to operate from a clear motive of accepting and sharing the private insights you receive from a motive of helpfulness.

Path to Self-Mastery

As you cease to identify with the power of the intangible insights that flow through you, you experience true spiritual security. This allows you to share your perceptions without taking the reactions of others personally. By being selflessly committed to taking the risk and revealing the spiritual visions you receive, you are led past your greatest fears and into self-mastery.

The environment in which you meet the challenge for personal transformation: Spending time by yourself; the challenge of self-purification.





The ten planets show the ten different universal urges within each of us. However, the signs and houses they are located in are unique for each of us. Hence we each appear to be different, and yet at the same time, are simultaneously the same, in terms of having the same urges that prompt us throughout life.

Now that you have a sense of how the different planets in their signs and houses in your chart are affecting you uniquely, consider how the differing urges within you relate to each other. Some of your internal needs are cooperating with each other harmoniously, and some feel like conflicting desires that result in feeling awkward in life situations. The relationship between the different parts of yourself, as represented by the planets in your chart, are called “aspects”.

For additional insights into your unique design, consider how the aspects between the planets in your chart may be further influencing you. Aspects show the mathematically-calculated energetic relationship between two planets in your birth chart.

Below is a list of the major planetary aspects in your Birth Chart

Sun opposition Moon; Sun sextile Mars; Sun trine Jupiter; Sun conjunction Uranus; Sun conjunction N Node; Moon trine Mars; Moon sextile Jupiter; Moon opposition Uranus; Moon trine Pluto; Moon conjunction S Node; Mercury square Neptune; Venus conjunction Saturn; Jupiter square Saturn; Jupiter trine Uranus; Jupiter trine N Node; Uranus conjunction N Node;

It is suggested that you take note of an aspect in your chart, read below to discover what the aspect means, and then look back into your report to see how those two parts of yourself (the two planets involved) may be relating either harmoniously or with friction inside of you. This can lead to insights for deeper self-discovery and healing.

CONJUNCTION: If you have a conjunction between two planets, those planetary urges are destined to be used together– in unison with each other. In this lifetime you will learn how to direct the energy of each planet (as defined in your above report) to support the expression of the other conjoining planet. It is a matter of consciously integrating these two parts of yourself.

OPPOSITION: When two planets are in opposition to each other, there is a need to understand each of these desires or needs within you separately and then to consciously use them at different times, as appropriate. Oftentimes this aspect activates in your relationships, where it can seem that you are expressing one planet, and the other person, the other planet.

SQUARE: The square shows two parts of yourself that are in conflict. Inside, you feel that you can’t have both – its ‘either/or’. The idea is to stay in motion, honoring both desires within you at different times, so that each need is satisfied. Squares are an aspect of growth, and many squares in the chart indicate a learning and growing lifetime.

TRINE: Trines in your chart show a natural harmony between those two parts of yourself. You easily see how to work the two urges together to create satisfaction in both areas. There is no internal conflict, thus you tend to have good luck in these areas in your external world.

SEXTILE: Sextiles in your chart, like the trines, are an aspect of ease and good judgment. These two parts of yourself work together harmoniously. Unlike the trines, they require hard work to manifest positive results in the outer world. Due to innate good judgment in the areas where you are applying both together, with applied effort things generally turn out very well for you.

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It is the purpose of this report to celebrate your uniqueness by giving you insights into the inner nature of the planets, signs and houses in your birth chart. Knowledge is power, and this report illuminates the conscious choices you can make to improve the quality of your life.

If you choose to give responsibility for your happiness to others, you will be vulnerable to the ups and downs of the material world. However, you are in control of the way you use the energies depicted in your birth chart. When you accept sole responsibility for actualizing these energies in a positive way – considering the good of all concerned – you gain the power to navigate your environment in a way that makes you happy and life magically shifts to your advantage in the outer world.

As you begin to live life “from the inside out” in this way, you will no longer be thrown off course by shifts in your external environment. The more you practice this process the stronger your own perceptions and insights will become, allowing you to grow and go forward with your own style in your own way. May the blessings of the Oneness be with you.

– Jan Spiller




HONORING PAST LIFE CONTRACTS. Gain insight into the question: “Why is this person in my life?” With new understanding, this report will help you to release the feelings of unresolved bondage with Souls that have crossed your path in this lifetime (partners, parents, siblings, co-workers, friends). It will also help you to maximize the ‘good karma’ you have with others along the way. Knowing your birth time is preferable, but not necessary to order this report.

ACCESSING THE LOVE BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR PARTNER. Gain the secret of knowing how to best get along with anyone in your life: a lover, a friend, a parent or child. Every relationship calls upon you to contribute a different part of yourself to help balance the other person for the relationship to be the most successful. This report is guaranteed to bring more love and closeness into any relationship. You will need your partner’s birth time for this report.

RELATIONSHIP SCOPE. The significant people in your life have come to help you develop different aspects of yourself. In accepting their gift and allowing yourself to bring out and express that part of yourself, the other person will become more receptive to being close with you. Simultaneously, you will grow stronger and more in balance with the rest of your personality. Is there someone who is impacting you deeply – for good or ill? Find out the higher purpose for their being in you life. You will need your birth time, but only the birth date of the other person.

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