Granddaddy Power Periods


Each of us has an individual astrological time period lasting from 3-5 weeks each year (depending on your individual birth chart) when we have access to a Granddaddy Power Period, and writing down wishes during this time is phenomenally potent! I call this the Granddaddy Power Period because the timing is absolutely unsurpassed in magically empowering your wishes to come true. To maximize results, it’s not necessary to make wishes on every day of this time period. Personally, I am very aware during the days of my individual Granddaddy Power Period, and make it a first priority to write down wishes as they occur to me during this time. To find the date of your Granddaddy Power Period, you will need to have your full birthchart (including time of birth).  This magical period occurs when the transiting Sun is in your 11th House. I use Placidus house cusps. If you do not yet have a full copy of your birthchart and would like one, you can click here for a free copy of your birth chart. Of course, if you remember to use EVERY ONE of the New Moon Power Days each year, one of the months you will hit your Granddaddy Power Period! There is also a feature on the website that will calculate this period for you. During the Granddaddy Power Period, the rules of the road remain the same, except that you are allowed up to 40 wishes! And you can make wishes during the entire time the Sun is transiting through your 11th House. This period is so potent that I have clients who regularly check in for readings once a year during this time, as the results have been so dramatically successful for them. Since discovering it, I have never missed using the Granddaddy Power Period in my own life. When you use the Granddaddy Power Period, I would definitely suggest you include the following wish on your list: I want to easily cut through any fears or negativity that may arise in the month following my power period, and emerge with flying colors? I can best explain this suggestion by way of a personal example. The first couple of years that I experimented with my Granddaddy Power Period, indeed, my wishes began coming true. But in the month following my power period (when the Sun was in my 12th House), the anxieties that arose from rapid changes were so intense that, even though my dreams were coming true, it almost didn’t seem worth it during that month! Beginning with the third year, during my power period I put the above wish on my list, and I never had those anxieties arise with such intensity again. So even though it takes up a wish, I highly suggest that it be included on your list. Even with this wish included, during the first year you use your Granddaddy Power Period you may experience some anxieties the following month when the Sun is in the 12th House. This is because there is a whole lifetime of garbage in the subconscious – negative conditioning from childhood, society, relatives, past lives, etc. – that is being uprooted and released, so it is natural to experience some discomfort. If this occurs, one option is to write down a “worry list” of all your concerns and fears, and at the end of the day tear it up and throw it away. This is a symbolic way of discarding the negativity of the subconscious mind. It isn’t necessary, but we all have different temperaments, and this may be very helpful for some people. DO experiment with making wishes during your Granddaddy Power Period. It REALLY works at a super potent level! DO include a wish on your Granddaddy list to release any intense anxiety that might arise during the following month.  



Helen's Birthchart


To calculate your personal Granddaddy Power Period, click here. The power inherent in your Granddaddy Power Period is so potent, it’s definitely worth putting on your calendar each year! It should be noted that in using astrological periods to bring your dreams into reality, the most powerful approach is to utilize all the resources available. Using your yearly Granddaddy Power Period, AND the Spring Equinox Treasure Map, AND the monthly New Moon for writing down your wishes will yield the strongest results. These are magical time periods in which we can personally access a special boost of power from the universe to assist us in making our wedding easier. We don’t have to pick and choose, we can use all the power at our disposal!