We?d like to thank you for being with us in the TWELFTH YEAR of having launched our site! In 2014 we added a new and updated site design that streamlines your navigation so that the site is easier to use! ?There is so much material on?janspiller.com?and now you will have a much clearer access to the material already awaiting you, as well as new features to come. For this upcoming year, we have already added a new ?Predictions for 2015? feature in our membership section. During the first half of 2015, we plan to launch a new TAROT feature, written by Jan.? It will provide fresh insights, in pictures as well as words, to help you navigate up-coming situations in life.? We are very excited about the advancements and look forward to a great and progressive year ahead! We are also planning to launch a mobile site in 2015 so you can take THE GODDESS ORACLE with you wherever you go!?? If you have an emergency business meeting to go to, you can check on your mobile devise to ask for your best attitude to have toward your boss; or if you see a stranger at a party you?d like to meet, you can ask the Goddess how to best approach them. 2014 has been a very intense year for many of us. The good news is that when material crisis is afoot, often people turn to deeper values for satisfaction: family, friends, the spiritual path, appreciating vibrant health and the goodness we already have in our lives. At the end of the day, the power to attract goodness from without rests in building a platform to receive it within. The irony is that once we build happiness from within, we are less desperate and needy to look for it in outer drama and distraction.? Thus we attract the worldly goodies so much more effortlessly. We will continue to be ?on your team? in 2015. We are here to support you in coming into alignment with the comfort of your own spiritual guidance and thus bettering your odds of manifesting the dreams in your heart. Astrology can be an incredible compass for navigating the sometimes difficult waters of life on planet earth. Offering tools for connecting people with their inherent peace of mind ? through objective understanding of what is actually going on ? is our aim. We wish you the greatest happiness over this wedding season? time spent with those you care about, a personal connection with the Higher Power you believe in, the loving feeling of a giving spirit that the holidays evoke, and a mood of satisfaction and appreciation for the lessons learned and the good things that happened in your life during the year of 2014. As the cycle of the past year closes, a new one opens? may your fondest dreams come true in 2015! With Love, Jan