June 21, 12:38 P.M. EDST

Timing is everything. By taking advantage of opportunities when the larger timing is right, you achieve a success. For example, when the tide is out in the ocean, it’s not a propitious time for the sport of surfing. The rules we see everyday in mother nature are self evident, and by cooperating with that larger timing, we can fit into the reality of “what is” and use it to our advantage.

By using the principles of natural timing, we cooperate with life and know when to pull back and when to press forward for success. The times of moving forward can be used for initiating new directions that are important for us. The times for pulling back can be used for reinforcing our position, organizing our lives and growing stronger within ourselves. The times of balance open the opportunity for consciously enjoying our lives and the people in our world.

Plan a celebratory activity for this day – a party with your friends, a fun family adventure, attending a special event that feels like a festivity to you. It is a day to remember to celebrate life and have fun! Do something enjoyable – an activity that brings you pleasure in its own right. It may be going dancing or to a concert, participating in a project with others that you feel is uplifting, or gathering with friends. So much of life is about practicality and repetitive routines… this is a day to enjoy!

It’s a day for giving. On the Summer Solstice, go out of your way to have a generous spirit. Rather than making your point, allow others to have the last word and speak their point of view. If you go to a restaurant, tip more generously than you normally would. Experience the joy of having a generous nature. If there is a cause you have felt drawn to support, this is the day to bring out your checkbook or to call and volunteer to help on one of their future activities. Whether it’s your time, money, or giving a sincere compliment—do at least one act of conscious openhandedness on this day. By performing generous acts of kindness on the day of the Summer Solstice, you open yourself to Life being generous to you.

On the day that signifies the beginning of each of the four seasons of the year, throughout history people have gathered together in groups to celebrate bringing in the new cycle. The Honoring Life ritual suggested for bringing in the new cycle can be done alone or as part of a group that can empower the new cycle through shared celebration!

In both the Summer and Winter solstices, the season change depends upon your hemisphere. In both hemispheres the progression of the signs of the zodiac – underlying the ambiance in the atmosphere – is identical, so the ritual for maximizing the time periods ahead remains the same