Fire and Water are both elements of the emotional body. FIRE is the outward expression of emotion � passion, drama, intensity and enthusiasm � while WATER is the inner experience of emotion, especially awareness of the impact we have on the feelings of others and their emotional impact on us.

People who have many planets in Fire and few in Water tend to express more strongly than how they actually feel. Conversely, people with a lot of planets in Water signs and few in Fire feel more deeply than they outwardly express to others.

Having more placements in the emotional realm (Fire and Water signs) indicates an individual who reaches conclusions, makes decisions and is driven to act on the basis of their emotions rather than from mental considerations.


Air and Earth are both elements of the mental body. AIR is the abstract component of the mind and rules ideas, theories, mathematics, music, brilliance and sociability. EARTH is the practical portion of the mind, which is more concerned with tangible results than with intangible ideas.

People with many planets in Air signs and few in Earth tend to be very mental and intelligent, but not very practical. They may put a lot of energy into creating something, and then lose interest and go on to a new activity without reaping the tangible rewards of what they have already done.

People with a lot of planets in Earth signs and few in Air can get bogged down with repetitive patterns. They need an Air person around them to provide the insights that can help them break free to reach the next level.

Having more placements in the mental realm (Earth and Air signs) indicates an individual who makes decisions based on rational considerations � logic and practicality � rather than emotional promptings.

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How Fire/Earth/Air/Water work together
Fire and Water are both elements of the emotional body. Air and Earth are both elements of the mental body.
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