Introduction to Aspects By Jan Spiller

Introductions to aspects

The energetic RELATIONSHIP between the planetary urges

by Jan Spiller

The following is a brief insight into the major aspects.

For the purposes of this introduction, only the MAJOR ASPECTS will be mentioned. An aspect is the energetic relationship between planets.

A circle has 360 degrees. Imagine that the planets are located in different positions around a wheel close to the outside of the circle, shooting a line of energy straight toward the center of the circle. The way the energy connects between the planets is the way the wiring connects within ourselves.

Next, imagine that the circle is a clock. If a planet is at the 12:00 position, and another planet is at the 6:00 position, they are 180 degrees apart. In astrology, this is called an opposition between the two forces or urges represented by the planets involved.


The two urges (represented by the two planets involved) are in conflict with each other. For example: Mercury opposing Moon = what we think logically (Mercury) is in opposition with what we feel and need emotionally (Moon). It is our relationships with others that stimulate the oppositions in our charts.


In the clock illustration, imagine that both planets are on top of each other. Example: both planets may be at 12:00 (or 2:00 or 3:30 etc). An ORB of 8 degrees is allowed. An orb means that they can be apart by 8 degrees and still be considered conjunct or conjoining.

For example: imagine that Pluto is located at 1:32 and Venus is at 1:38 on the clock- they are 6 degrees apart and so are considered conjunct. A conjunction means that the two planets operate together. In this example, the urge to love and be loved (Venus) is linked with the desire for transformation and empowerment (Pluto). Thus this person will attract love relationships that necessitate personal growth and transformation.


Imagine that one planet is at 12:00 and another at 3:00 this is the square aspect- both planets are 90 degrees apart. If you imagine that each planet is shooting a line of energy toward the center of the clock, you can see that it is a square two urges conflicting with each other.

The square shows an INTERNAL CONFLICT. For example: if Mars is square Venus the person feels an internal conflict between love (Venus) and sex (Mars). They feel that they can’t have both a happy sexual relationship and a satisfying love relationship with the same person.

Another example: if Saturn is square Moon = the person will feel an inner conflict between the urge for tangible accomplishment (Saturn) and the desire for the fulfillment of personal emotional needs (Moon).

If you have a lot of squares in your chart (3 or more) this is a learning and growing lifetime. You’re not on vacation; you are here to consciously understand how to integrate different urges within you so that you can successfully experience them both in a balanced way.

It has been said that An unexamined life is not worth living and this is certainly your case. It is only by consciously understanding the different needs involved in the square that you can re-combine them consciously and find satisfaction in those areas of your life. A willingness to go through this process of self-examination and emerge victorious on the other end leads to growth, maturity, wisdom and the healing of your Soul.


In the clock illustration, one planet is at 12:00 and another at 4:00 120 degrees of separation (again, an 8 degree orb is allowed, so the planets can actually be between 116-124 degrees apart).

This is an aspect of harmony and good luck. Internally, both urges are naturally working together in a harmonious way and so as a by-product of that internal harmony, spontaneous good luck is created in the external world. The person seems to fall into fortunate circumstances in the areas of life containing the Trine without much effort.

For example: Moon trine Venus = the person will seem to fall into good relationships where both their needs for nurturing (Moon) and for loving and being loved romantically (Venus) are satisfied.


One planet is at 12:00 and another at 2:00 there are 60 degrees of separation between the two planets. This is an aspect showing an area of natural inner peace that, combined with applied effort, results in good luck and material success in the outer world.

For example: Mercury sextile Saturn = the person’s thinking (Mercury) is naturally practical and they see the world and opportunities realistically (Saturn)

Introduction to Aspects in Astrology
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Introduction to Aspects in Astrology
The energetic RELATIONSHIP between the planetary urges. The following is a brief insight into the major aspects.
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