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The SIGNS show the STYLE of expression. The following is a brief insight into each sign

Astrology Signs – Astrological Signs

Aries is a FIRE sign.

Excited, bold, daring, independent, energetic, seeks to discover self through experiences, competitive, confronts, quick temper, innocent, feisty, amorous, eager, can be selfish.

Taurus is an EARTH sign.

Solid, dependable, loyal, slow moving, relies on own efforts, sensual, builds lasting results step by step, seeks to create comfortable environments, strong values, can be stubborn.

Gemini is an AIR sign.

Intellectual, always in motion (mentally or physically), seeks mental stimulation, curious, communicative, social, interested in considering the options, easily bored, can be superficial.

Cancer is a WATER sign.

Aware of personal feelings, sensitive to emotions and mood changes, seeks security, protective, clingy, family oriented, can be self-absorbed in moods without considering the feelings of others.

Leo is a FIRE sign.

Theatrical, dramatic, bigger than life, determined, loyal, gregarious, self-confident, seeks creative self-expression, generous, enthusiastic, benevolent, center stage, can be bossy or prideful.

Virgo is an EARTH sign.

Practical, analytical, ability for synthesis, mental, focused, likes work and projects, seeks to be of service, purity, order, cleanliness, creates order out of chaos, can be hurtfully critical.

Libra is an AIR sign.

Fair, impartial, likes to see both sides, relationship-oriented, diplomatic, seeks balance and harmony, naive, loving, willing to compromise, can be indecisive.

Scorpio is a WATER sign.

Investigative, aware of the needs and motives of others, sees the underbelly of life, aware of humankind’s negative emotions, loyal, strong, passionate, disciplined, seeks deep, bonded relationships, can be vindictive.

Sagittarius is a FIRE sign.

Freedom loving, direct in speech, optimistic, likes to help others out, gallant, faith in positive outcomes, aware of ethics, trusting, seeks adventures, can be Pollyanna.

Capricorn is an EARTH sign.

Realistic, goal-oriented, sensible, ambitious, accepts responsibility, socially aware, values reputation and integrity, seeks successful outcomes, can be opportunistic.

Aquarius is an AIR sign.

Friendly, open, objective, communicative, interested in others, seeks equality, likes to be different, future-oriented, humanitarian, friends are important, can be opinionated.

Pisces is a WATER sign.

Loving, accepting, gentle, healing, sensitive to invisible forces, subtle, psychic, dreamy, romantic, impressionable, comfortable with chaos, seeks unconditional love, non-combative, can be misleading.

Introduction to Signs
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Introduction to Signs
The SIGNS show the STYLE of expression. The following is a brief insight into each sign
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