Jan Diary – Priorities

I once read a quote from Socrates:? ?An unexamined life is not worth living.??For me, there?s tremendous truth in that statement.?? Without reflection, life is just a continued thrust in a direction that we may have decided upon at an earlier time and that has long since become abrasive or boring.

It?s like being on a ride in an amusement park – once you?re on, your focus is on reacting to the external stimuli that is part of the ride.?From time to time, we need to reexamine whether or not we want to continue with the ride we find ourselves on.

There?s merit in stepping back from life, and reevaluating our values, and what is really important to us at this juncture in our lives.?As the years go by, our values change.?It may be that we want to continue on the same ride (ie:?a marriage, a job) but change our approach to it.?It may be appropriate to add outside activities that make our main ?ride? more fun at this juncture in our lives.?

We may decide to add the component of a spiritual path to our current activities, which can add a very rich dimension to whatever ride we?re on.?A spiritual path adds a context, within which everything that occurs outwardly can be seen in a new way leading to self-development and expansion, always revitalizing.?Or, upon reevaluation, we may want to . . . . .

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