Jan’s Diary – Action vs. Inaction

As people, my parents seemed to be more ?different? from each other, than alike.? As a child, my father would say to me: ?Nothing ventured, nothing gained? …? and my mother?s favorite line was ?All things come to they who wait?.

I always knew there was a basic dichotomy there, and felt a bit unresolved since they both seemed so certain about their opinion being truth– and I didn?t really see how both views could be accurate.? Fortunately, life stepped in – experiences occurred – that have shown me the wisdom of both stances, and the ultimate wisdom of applying each separately and appropriately, so that the momentum of going forward with equilibrium can be maintained.

There are times in life to ?go with the Flow? and times to take creative action.? At this stage in my life, the way it seems to work is that an idea ?comes to me? of what I?d like to create.? This idea may be sparked by an external opportunity knocking on my door or an idea that comes from within me about what I would next like to bring into manifestation.? This is a phase of waiting.

Then, when I have decided to manifest the idea, I go into action.? I take the first step in front of me to bring about the desired result.? If my environment seems supportive and the doors begin opening, I continue moving forward in the direction of actively manifesting the desired aim.? This is a phase of action.

If opposition occurs– resistance to my forward motion– I pull back to reevaluate.? Do I need to make an adjustment in the idea I am promoting so that it becomes socially useful?? What is the environment telling me about what I am creating?? Do I need to scrap the project, change my current presentation and approach, or go to a different person with my idea?? Or, is it a matter of simply putting the project temporarily on hold because the timing isn?t right?? This reevaluation is a phase of waiting.

After making the shift that I think needs to occur for the project to work, I . . . . .

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