Recently, I received an e-mail from a friend of one of my friends, who had recently passed away: ?Sandy?s last request to me was that I return your book. She said that when you visited with her last she only had one of your books in her possession. Sorry!?

I wrote back: No worries about the book? Sandy wasn?t reading at that point anyhow? it may well have been the morphine confusing her. I?m sure that she would have wanted any helpfulness she found in the book, to go to you, and benefit by it while still in the body.

It?s easy to look back and think of all the things we didn?t do right, things we may have wished we said or did while a loved one was still with us. After the passing, things become clear that weren?t clear before, almost as if the defenses we developed to relate to the person fall away and it is then easier to see the bigger picture of what was going on. In death, as in life, hindsight is 20/20!

And perhaps that is part of the process, to see opportunities for closeness in relationships that we missed while the interaction was still going on. We can then apply those insights to the way we conduct ourselves in present relationships with people who are around us. Just like at the end of the day, we leave all the material things we have accumulated behind ? it is only the character growth we take with us when the spirit leaves the body.

Since in my view, we reincarnate through many bodies until we master the game of life on Planet Earth, character growth is vital ? problems and tangled situations we don?t grow from and resolve in one incarnation, are . . . . .

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