Recently I have become aware of how much power each of us has to write the scripts of our own lives.

Upon arising this morning I heard the sound of the nearby ocean waves and realized what a wonderful environment I was in. I have created in my life a home I enjoy, work I love, a strong network of friends. After appreciating the goodness that has been created thus far, I asked myself: “In my next chapter, would I like to invite a mate into my life and have that experience?”

Within myself, there are many objections to such an idea: “Will I have to give up my freedom?” “Would I be able to travel around as I do now?” “Would I have to give up my friends?” Of course, all these objections and concerns – largely operating on the subconscious level – are what has prompted my behavior to create a life currently being lived without a mate in a ‘living together’ situation.

When I first became committed to making the spiritual path and Truth my first priority, everything changed. Up until then my life was a by-product of other people’s initiation and my unconscious behavioral reactions. I didn’t realize how much creative power I had. For example, if I felt mutual attraction with a man, my responses were largely dictated by unaware, self-sabotaging responses that actually repelled the things I wanted from manifesting in my life.

Upon reflection, I can see that I responded to the perceived demands of others – work, family, etc – in a rote way geared to maintaining at least some semblance of “peace”. So the first step was . . . . .

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