JAN’S DIARY . . . . . The Value of Non-Doing

Not long ago, I was dating two men. Through a series of quite unexpected and very intense events, everything ‘blew up’ and then I had zero boyfriends.  Whew…

All of us pulled back and went into a kind of “hibernation”.  Each of us – including a past girlfriend of one of the suitors – got hurt.   There was so much destructive energy afoot that it was overwhelming.

At least most of us have somehow gained the age and wisdom to know when to cease forward action, and pull back.  There is a time for reevaluation, for learning and growing from intense life experiences, for re-defining what we want, for being willing to grow and mature in character, and for our hearts to heal.

It is very easy when living in a society geared to “results” and taking action, to continue moving forward to create what one perceives to be a desired result.  Opposition can trigger competition and forced forward action.  However, without taking the time to pull back and reassess– to personally change and grow from the event–even the outer attainment of one’s aim is only temporary. 

The very quality of character that subconsciously created the original upset– if left unhealed– will go into operation again and create another upset.  For example, if one’s temper causes a break in a relationship, even if ‘good behavior’ wins the other person back for awhile, if the cause of the break – in this example, temper, is . . . . .

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