Jan Spiller


by Jan Spiller

During my life, I have always had a problem with discipline and having a strong will. I’ve never been able to “force myself” to do anything. This is why wishing during New Moon power periods has been so helpful to me. I have found that the results I wanted to happen in my life happened magically, without effort.
As a personal example of how it has worked, several years ago I was involved in an automobile accident that resulted in a back injury. I was in minor pain much of the time and at least once a year my back would “slip out” and the pain was so excruciating I would need medical treatment. 
I recall telling several of my friends during that time:  “If I would just do 3 or 4 minutes of yoga each morning, I know my back would strengthen and be pain free.” However, I just didn’t have the discipline to make myself do it. 
A couple of years later during my Granddaddy Power Period I added to my wish list:  “I want to easily find myself doing yoga every day for a minimum of 4 minutes each morning, restoring my back to perfect strong health.” Then, I promptly forgot about the wish.
About three months later I awakened and something a client had said the night before combined with a series of realizations I had been having combined with an insight that occurred during my morning tea. SUDDENLY I found myself on the floor in my living room doing yoga exercises. There was no self-discipline involved, I just felt no resistance and “found myself” doing it. 
This practice continued for the next ten days or so and then I noticed I was telling my friends:  “I’m doing these exercises and my back is getting worse!” They encouraged me to stop - that I was doing the wrong workout - but I knew that it was a step forward for me to at least be doing exercises each morning so I continued. 
A week later, a friend of mine unexpectedly flew to my city for a visit and happened to know proper back exercises. I began doing them each morning and results were immediate. Within 4 months the back pain was totally gone. 
That’s when I realized that among other gifts, the power of New Moon wishing can evoke magic that compensates for not having strong discipline and will. Harnessing the feminine power of the Moon - magnetic, attracting, willing - can be just as effective in obtaining our dreams as the masculine power of forcefulness and will.
© Jan Spiller