Jan Spiller


by Jan Spiller

As the years go by, holidays change their significance for us.  I can remember growing up excitedly anticipating my approaching birthday- a chance to celebrate, receive presents and have a party!  My parents were changing their own attitudes about their special day and eventually my father preferred not even to notice the day of his birth.

I can remember the Thanksgiving dinners of my early years.  They were about lots of cooking, good smells coming from the oven in the home, setting the family dining table (which was reserved for special events) and then too many dishes to wash.  And there was the feeling of: ‘I can’t move.  Why did I eat so much? I always do this on Thanksgiving. ‘

Now Thanksgiving is about sitting around a dining room table with friends and truly being aware of feeling thankful.  Last year, we went around the group and each of us gave a toast to the one thing we felt thankful for that had occurred during the previous year.  It was very sacred... taking the time to consciously experience thankfulness.

Christmas used to be mostly about presents.  I loved shopping and buying gifts for others, and receiving gifts myself.  And the holiday spirit... that was the best part.  People seemed happier and more loving to each other than at other times of the year. 

I used to observe how giving gifts to others seemed to evoke a happy, loving spirit in the shoppers.   Naturally, Christmas was also about the tree... the lights and bright bulbs and the beauty of it all. 

This year Christmas is about looking forward to spending moments of closeness with loved ones and friends.  I suppose there will be some shopping... presents are always fun! 

Yet behind it all, is the pleasure of spending time with someone who has been part of my life for a long time, or with whom I am currently in a significant relationship.  Appreciating the specialness of those who are close- and sharing an energetic exchange with them- is a lot of what this holiday season seems to be about.

I suppose as we gain life experience on Planet Earth, our values naturally change.  It’s part of the journey.