JUPITER in astrology represents the urge to expand and grow … to resolve the uncertainties of life by connecting with faith in a higher power.

The location of JUPITER in your chart indicates areas of your life where you will experience good luck, worldly abundance, and special protection which comes from ‘higher forces’.  In Astrology, the planet Jupiter is called The Great Benefic, and it shows those spheres of daily living in which you naturally feel lucky, expansive and generous. To find the position of your Jupiter, click here.

The Sign your Jupiter is in will show the area of life in which you feel very comfortable and competent.  For example, if your Jupiter is in Virgo, you will naturally feel comfortable when engaged in work projects or challenges– the idea of hard work doesn’t intimidate you.  With Jupiter in Libra, you feels a natural competence in marriage and partnerships. And Jupiter in Capricorn feels totally comfortable with business and in reaching professional goals.

The House location of your Jupiter shows the specific domain where your Angels are always looking out for you, protecting you, and bringing you good luck.  If your Jupiter is in the 4th House, you will have good luck in things ruled by the 4th House, especially home, family, and real estate.  If your Jupiter is in the 2nd House, you will always have good money karma; somehow the money always shows up when you really need it.  With Jupiter in the 12th House, your psyche is strong and you somehow manage to escape from dangerous situations that may have been caused inadvertently due to your naivety.

On a deeper level, the way you tend to approach life in the areas ruled by JUPITER is inherently healthy and correct, so you attract positive results and abundance.  For example, if your Jupiter is in the 2nd House you are naturally lucky with money because you are inherently generous and trust that life will take care of you. Your beliefs and behaviors open you to abundance.


Expansion, personal growth, faith in positive outcomes, good luck, invisible protection, morality, generosity, gratitude, abundance, freedom, truth, wisdom, man-made laws (society, religion), the higher mind, higher education, solutions, largeness, optimism, hope, cheerfulness, spiritual seeking, engaging in excess, and grandiosity.

JUPITER Rules the SIGN of Sagittarius

JUPITER spends 1 year in each Sign

The CHALLENGE of JUPITER is to not indulge in excess or be careless, but to remain modest, sensible and grateful even in the midst of good luck and easy success.  In this way you remain open to having more abundance flow into your life. For example, with Jupiter in the 2nd House you may have a tendency to be careless with money. This can lead to not having the financial abundance that is one’s birthright.

The GOAL of JUPITER is understanding and trusting that, regardless of events, a higher power is working out a plan that will ultimately be in your best interest.  Jupiter rules growth, and if you are willing to cooperate with circumstances and grow on a personal level to overcome adversity, you will realize your highest potential.  Jupiter also represents the Spiritual Path– the quest for peace of mind and self-realization.

JUPITER’S POWER AND INFLUENCE in your life can be enhanced with the metal Tin and the stones Turquoise, Amber, Citrine, Zircon, and Amethyst.