March 20, 2015 (29° PISCES)

This Solar Eclipse will help you to develop your sense of faith and be receptive to unforeseen opportunities. During the next six months, we will all be learning how to relax more and “go with the flow” as we learn to work with energies beyond our control.

You will be learning to stay flexible and trust that things are unfolding as they should, even when circumstances around you may seem chaotic. By strengthening your faith in the Universe or a Higher Power, you can feel at peace knowing that you are neither expected to — nor able to — control every aspect of your life. When you take time out to meditate and receive guidance from your inner voice or other spiritual forces, you can stay open to the opportunities available to you.

This Eclipse can fill you with creative inspiration. You’ll be able to gain valuable information by keeping a journal by your bed to record your dreams which may be particularly potent around the time of the Eclipse. You will be learning about what hidden parts of yourself are waiting to be expressed. You can feel more connected to your emotions by filling your senses with music and art. Expressing yourself in a creative way can teach you to acknowledge your emotions with compassion. Giving your feelings a presence through song, dance or poetry can help you to connect with others and share in the human experience with love and understanding.

One word of caution is to be wary of gravitating towards escapism. The energy of Pisces can promote such strong dream-like states that it can . . . . .

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* Notes on Eclipses
If you have a natal planet within one degree of the degree of any eclipse, that area of your life is destined for awakening and transformation. A new cycle is scheduled to begin in the area of the planetary urge affected:

SUN : the way you express your creative gifts
MOON : your self-image
MERCURY :the way you perceive life
VENUS : your relationships, the way you express affection, what brings you pleasure
MARS : your initiative, your sex drive, and the way you assert yourself
JUPITER :the way you respond to good luck, opportunities for expansion
SATURNyour sense of mission and purpose
URANUS :your desires for excitement and aliveness in your life.
NEPTUNE :your idealism, fantasy and private dream
PLUTO :the way you use power and relate to the challenge of change and transformation

If you do not know the degrees of your natal planets, calculate your natal chart here. Simply enter your birth information, and your chart will be provided free of charge. To learn more about the Lunar Eclipses and their impact on your life, consult SPIRITUAL ASTROLOGY by Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy.