By Jan Spiller

MARS in astrology represents the urge for action and conquest – to go after what we want and obtain it though our own efforts.

Wherever MARS is found in your birth chart will show your style of self-assertion, what makes you angry or defensive, the way you take the initiative, how you enjoy spending your energy, as well as your sexual style.

The Sign where your Mars is located shows your style of initiating activities with others.  For example, if your Mars is in Virgo, you will likely come up with a plan for action.  If you have Mars in Leo, you will probably present your ideas to others with enthusiasm and a feeling of fun that they are likely to go along with.  Mars in Gemini will show the logic of going in a desired direction and want to engage in a conversation before setting course.

If the location of Mars in one person’s chart is in the same Sign as another person’s Venus, it is an aphrodisiac for both of them!  Even in business this is a good combination, since when one person initiates a plan of action (Mars) the other person is naturally receptive (Venus).  This is also true of other harmonious aspects between the two planets.

The House where your Mars is located shows what it is in life that most motivates you.  These are the activities that spur you to energetic action!  Mars is raw energy.  If you need more energy, spend time in activities shown by the House where your Mars is located.  For example, if Mars is in your 5th House, children and creative projects energize you to take action and create results.  With Mars in your 2nd House, it will be money that motivates you to take a risk and initiate action.

If your Mars is located in the 6th House, the idea of “getting the job done” spurs you to action!  Conversely, if your Mars is located in the 12th House, you are motivated by your own personal vision or private dream.  If you feel that doing something is ‘Right Action’ you will move forward with lots of energy and ambition. If you do not know the Sign and House position of Mars when you were born, click here for a copy of your natal birth chart.


initiation, courage, assertion, aggression, action, physical energy, sexual energy and style, carelessness, rash behavior, anger, motion, physical exercise, activity, motives, courage, force, competitiveness, combativeness, warrior energy, strength, impatience, instincts, survival, actualizing one’s destiny, athletics, and the drive to succeed.

MARS rules the SIGN of Aries

MARS spends 2 months in each Sign

The CHALLENGE of MARS is to become conscious of the energy of Mars in your life and choose not to use it in ways that are debilitating – through aggression, anger, violence or lust. By purifying this raw energy, it can be harnessed and channeled into the constructive purposes of your choosing.

The GOAL of MARS is to successfully direct your energy toward attaining whatever it is that you personally value.

MARS’ POWER AND INFLUENCE in your life can be enhanced with the metal Iron, and the stones Bloodstone, Red Garnet, and Jasper.