From the point of view of the Earth, the planet Mercury appears to be going ?backwards?. During the time period of this phenomena, we are all experiencing certain psychological effects in common: confusion, reversals of decision and then getting back on the ?right track? again, indecision, unexpected, emotionally-charged miscommunications with others, and the necessity of repeating actions more than once to get them ?right.?

This psychological confusion leads to predictable physical consequences: mistakes with paperwork-due to inattention and lack of focus; often having to go back and get repair work redone ? such as work on autos or teeth. Also, certain physical objects ruled by MERCURY seem to go haywire at this time: computers, printing, all fields related to transportation or communication are particularly vulnerable to malfunctioning during the MERCURY retrograde cycles.

While the time of Mercury retrograde constricts success and advancement in outer, worldly activity, it expands the opportunity to connect with one?s inner world. Hence, it is a time well spent in meditation, writing or reflection, or private projects done on one?s own. You have a rare opportunity to get in touch with what you really think about various situations in your life from a subjective, holistic point of view that takes into account your inner feelings, as well as mental reasoning.

Best use of a Mercury Retrograde cycle: Notice these cycles in advance (they last about 3-1/2 weeks, and occur 3 times each year) and plan your schedule accordingly. Plan the time before and after the Mercury retrograde cycles to . . . . go forward with outer progress and success, and plan to pull back during the retrograde cycle to rest, work on personal things and reorganize yourself. Thus life becomes a natural balance of outer focus and activity, and inner rest and regrouping.

If you must attend a business meeting: Your best bet is to stay clear about what you feel the right action is to take in various situations. You may need to repeat your ideas, slowly and with certainty, to get others to actually ?hear? what you are saying. People in your environment will be confused, so if you remain very consistent and clear ? perhaps reminding them of an earlier agreement ? they are more likely to go along with your plan.

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