By Jan Spiller

MERCURY in astrology represents the urge to think, understand and communicate… to connect with others on a personal level through the vehicle of the mind

Where MERCURY is found in your chart indicates the way a person’s mind works, the kinds of things they think about, what stimulates their thinking, and how they communicate their thoughts to others. Understanding the style in which another person expresses their ideas can help you to communicate with them more effectively.

For example, if someone’s Mercury is in the Sign of Scorpio, they will be looking behind the other person’s words to see what is motivating them. As they exercise their natural powers of investigation, they enjoy playing detective in various situations in their life.

If their Mercury is in Gemini, they are the perpetual student, interested in learning new information and passing it on to others. They need a lot of mental stimulation to keep them from becoming bored, and naturally gravitate to books and other mental outlets.  Mercury in Cancer thinks a lot about home, family, and security, and their thinking has an emotional overtone.

Mercury in Virgo is constantly analyzing what is happening in their world in an attempt to ‘connect the dots’ or put the pieces of the puzzle together. If someone’s Mercury is in Taurus, they like to think about money and other things that evoke feelings of comfort and stability.

If a person’s Mercury is in Leo, they are going to be a bit dramatic in sharing their thoughts, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t open to other ways of looking at things. With Mercury in Aquarius, the person is going to seem like they already ‘know everything.’ However, they are innately curious and would be open to an idea that could give them a bigger picture of the situation.

The House in which your Mercury is located shows that aspect of life which stimulates your thoughts to the greatest degree and that you most enjoy thinking about.  For instance, if your Mercury is in the 8th House, you are stimulated by seeking the deeper mysteries of life, finding out what makes people tick, and delving behind the superficial appearance of things.  Psychology is a natural field for you.

If your Mercury resides in the 7th House, one-to-one interactions most stimulate your thinking. With your Mercury in the 11th House, working to further a humanitarian cause best vitalizes your thinking, and your friends also help stimulate your mind.

If your Mercury has a 12th House placement, spending time alone clarifies your thinking and subtle subconscious forces give you new ideas for resolving situations in your life. If you do not know the Sign and House position of Mercury when you were born, click here for a copy of your natal birth chart.


thoughts, connections, communication, writing, talking, messages, information, logic, reasoning, personal viewpoint, personal filtering of information, books, learning/teaching, wit, the conscious mind, the ability to learn, mentally interpreting the five senses, integration and mental agility.  Mercury is The Mind.

MERCURY rules the SIGNS of Gemini and Virgo

MERCURY spends 20 days in each Sign

The CHALLENGE of MERCURY is to suspend judgment and openly listen to others’ perspectives, rather than just repeating your own ideas to gain acceptance and validation.  By listening, accepting the other person’s point of view as true for them, and then communicating your thoughts, an authentic mental connection can be experienced and enjoyed.

The GOAL of MERCURY is to use the mind as a tool for understanding and connecting with others. By understanding the other person’s way of viewing things, you can form a bond with each person through which you can establish rapport and experience mutual support.

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