By Stephanie Shea

During these days, Mercury is retrograde in the sign of Pisces. When Mercury is in Pisces, your thinking may become a bit more idealistic than usual. You will be gaining visions of the interconnectedness of all beings, and more inclined to take others’ feelings into account.

This is an excellent period for meditation, prayer and allowing yourself to pull back and become more reliant on the help and guidance of your personal connection with a Higher Power.

During these days, it may be difficult to advance because the energy will encourage you to address the past. You could feel impatient to try something new, but you’ll be encouraged to finish what you’ve started first. Use the available support to bring projects to completion and re-do any work that needs improvement. Your personal development depends on your ability to take responsibility for the past and demonstrate to others that you’re able to follow through with your plans.

Avoidance and procrastination will be more likely during this time period as people will be feeling the need to escape from reality. While it’s not a good time to . . . . . Members can READ THE FULL COLUMN HERE.

Best use of a Mercury Retrograde cycle: Notice these cycles in advance (they last about 3-5 weeks and occur 3-4 times each year) and plan your schedule accordingly.  Plan to use the time before and after the Mercury retrograde cycles to go forward with external work and focus on your public and social activities.  During Mercury retrograde, plan to rest, spend time alone, attend to personal projects and reorganize yourself.  By following the cycles of Mercury, your life can follow a natural balance between internal and external focus.

If you must attend a business meeting during Mercury retrograde: Your best bet is to be clear about your intentions and opinions.  You may need to repeat your ideas slowly and with certainty to get others to actually hear what you are saying.  People in your environment may be easily confused.  Keep your communications very consistent and clear and remind others about previous agreements.  By slowing down and communicating with extra care, you will be more likely to get others to go along with your plan.  

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