MERCURY IS RETROGRADE November 16, 2018 (Sagittarius) – December 6, 2018 (Scorpio)

During these days, Mercury retrograde will be in the sign of Sagittarius from November 16th until December 2nd before moving back into Scorpio on December 3rd. While Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius, themes of philosophy, spirituality, travel, higher education, legal matters and freedom will be prevalent.

You’ll be reevaluating your ideals and outlook on life. It’s possible that you’ve gotten a bit off path and need to reorient yourself towards the pursuits that resonate with your mind and spirit. Spend some time reviewing your current position in life and let yourself dream about an ideal future.

The timing won’t be right for embarking on new adventures just yet, but you will be supported in efforts to research exciting new opportunities. Your personal growth will be a focus and it will be a great time to take a refresher course to brush up on existing skills.

Higher education may be especially appealing and it could be time to look into going back to school to study a subject that has always fascinated you. If you began an educational program, but never finished, the timing will be great to finally complete your studies. People will be more susceptible to overly-idealistic thinking during these days. Avoid overcommitting and setting unrealistic timelines. Delays and technical glitches will be more likely, making it necessary to allow more time than usual to complete routine tasks. An optimistic attitude can serve you well, especially if . . . . . Members can READ THE FULL COLUMN here.

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Best use of a Mercury Retrograde cycle: Notice these cycles in advance (they last about 3-5 weeks and occur 3-4 times each year) and plan your schedule accordingly.  Plan to use the time before and after the Mercury retrograde cycles to go forward with external work and focus on your public and social activities.  During Mercury retrograde, plan to rest, spend time alone, attend to personal projects and reorganize yourself.  By following the cycles of Mercury, your life can follow a natural balance between internal and external focus.