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jagat chaudhry from biratnagar Nepal (15 August 2014)
helo jagat

Emma W from Fort Collins CO USA (30 March 2013)
I've renewed "Cosmic Love" from my public library three times and am fully convinced it is a book that I should surely purchase my own copy of.

I am a leo (born July 28th 1992), and have experience two positively destiny shaking encounters with an individual I hardly know (he is a gemini, born in 1985). Your book has helped me find solace, understanding, and potentially beneficial insights in light of helping me pursue a mutually beneficial relationship with this individual.

Thank you for your vastly powerful knowledge and harnessed ability to help others, you have truly made a difference for me concerning my feelings on my own ability to follow my heart!

Best regards,


Rodger Richter from Philadelphia, Crown City of The Colonies Pe USA (15 March 2013)
Friday, Ides of March, 2013 Dear Jan and Karen: I love Spiritual Astrology. Kudos! Originally trained by Philadelphia Rosicrucian High Priestess (Sabianz). Branched out... Don't require response. Keep doin' watch you're doin! Best regards, Rodger Freytag Richter

Patricia Getzinger from Carrollton Tx USA (2 January 2013)
Dear Jan,
I have been an astrologer for many years and love my craft. It has helped me through some rough times. I purchased your book and use it religiously. I have been working with the new moon since Nov 2010. It really works! What I like most is that a person, who is on social security and alone, can have what I want instead of worrying. I am a worrier I will admit, but this system has helped so much. I wanted a girl friend I could run around with and do crafts, so I programmed for her with Nov 2012 moon. Dec 2012 I met a lady who asked me to teach her jewelry making and we hit it off right away. We are having a ball crafting together. To tell you the truth I wasn't to sure if it would work, but it did. So people don't give up! Your wish will come true! Just keep on putting it out there. I am now working on having good health and will let you know how that goes. I am not worried at all because I know this works. I wanted to write and let you know because everyone is so busy these days that we sometimes forget to let you know that your efforts to help others is appreciated. So, Thank You and Blessed Be!

B J from Hawi HI USA (25 February 2012)
Aloha Jan:
Just re-read your book on the north node, once again - those signs that pertain to me and my husband.
I am a professional Medical Intuitive/Life Coach and have been for many years. I've recommended this book to countless numbers of clients and friends, and just wanted you to know that it is one of the most profound influences in many of our lives. (As an aide, I believe my daughter, now 30, first told me about it.)
Once again, it clarified SO much for both my husband and me at a time of some pretty intense stress, both personally as well as planetarily.
Thanks for your being and your wisdom,

Bianca C from Boise Id USA (18 February 2012)
Dear Jan
Thank you, Thank you, I have been a student of Astrology, Numerolgy and The star if the Magi, never has anything touched me like "Spiritual Astrology" Everything makes sense now!!!! Wow, now I feel I can truly help those who have asked me for readings. I picked your book in my forever quest for knowledge and truth. Prayer inspired me to pick it up and READ!!! All yours and Karen's hard work is so very appreciated, I can not thank you enough. With deep gratitude Bianca

margaret lown from huntington beach ca USA (2 January 2012)
07-06-61, 7:27pm, New Orleans Hi Jan, I have used Astrology for the Soul for 3 years. It has changed my life dramatically-motivating me to action in my own life, and giving me info on how to relate to others. People have told me that I understand them. They don't know that I pick up on their birthdate and read about them in your book. I'm having FUN!

Patricia Gallet from Yorba Linda Ca USA (9 December 2011)
THANK YOU for your insights on being born under Mercury Retrograde! It spoke directly to my soul and explained/confirmed SO MUCH. With a lot of planets in retrograde I will be finding a way to enjoy the benefits of membership. You have already enriched my life and I am truly, humbly and amazingly grateful to you.
Abundant blessings to you,

David P from Miami Beach FL USA (25 October 2011)
i have been reading astrology for the soul for about a month. i cant put it down. i read my section, n. node in cancer, read my lovers' n node placement, and then read them again. this is uncanny , jan. i will order the past life agreement report very soon. happy to have found you at this time in my many insights that are answers to so many questions. you really rock. thank you so much for your work . in touch soon David in Miami Beach

karen Derrick from Joseph OR USA (12 July 2011)
i love the goddess oracle..youve done a great job.

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