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By Stephanie Shea
MARCH 2019
Aries (3/21 - 4/20)

You can best utilize the available energy this month by clearing your plate to make room for new growth in April. Next month’s New Moon will be in your Sun sign, making it a powerful time to commit to a personal goal. Uranus will leave your Sun sign on March 6th, which will lend a stabilizing energy, especially for Aries who were born April 16th - 19th.

Uranus will be in the sign of Taurus from March 6, 2019, until April 26, 2026. This will be a significant shift of energy, as Uranus only changes signs approximately every seven or eight years and takes 84 years to circle the zodiac. Uranus is a rapid change agent, pushing people to take steps necessary for their growth. With this planet activating your 2nd house of finance and self-worth, you’ll be focusing on financial freedom, innovative ways to earn and save, and feeling confident about the valuable gifts you offer to others.

This month’s New Moon will also occur on March 6th, activating your 12th house of intuition, dreams, and spirituality. Use this New Moon to acknowledge ideas that have been bubbling beneath the surface. You have a creative vision waiting to be developed. Give yourself time and space to ponder the possibilities.

Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces this month, which will help you to work through emotions attached to past events. The energy of this Mercury retrograde cycle will encourage you to release old patterns and beliefs. It will be a fantastic time to work with a counselor or therapist, and you’ll gain important insights when you spend time alone this month. Consider blocking out special times for your personal reflection.

This month’s Full Moon will fall on March 20th, the same day as the Vernal Equinox. On this day, the Sun enters your sign, offering positive energy for your ambitions and personal goals. The Full Moon will be in Libra, illuminating issues related to partnerships of all kinds. It will be easier to see a personal or professional relationship more clearly at this time. Use the knowledge you gain around this time to help you define your needs and express them diplomatically.

If you were born on or around March 20th, you’ll be feeling this Full Moon more intensely than your peers. Take a step back and revisit sensitive topics with others a few days after the Full Moon has passed.

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

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