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Wednesday, August 05, 2020

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August 2020

Good news, Aries! August will have more forward momentum than other months simply because it is one of the few months this year when we’re free from inner planet retrogrades. Mars will be moving ahead in your Sun sign all month, which will give you the energy and motivation needed to initiate your plan of action. 

Even though we’ve entered the shadow of Mars retrograde, August is definitely one of the months that is “as good as it gets” for new endeavors. Mars will be retrograde September 9 - November 14. Take some initial steps towards a goal now and prepare to refine your vision and build on your ideas in the coming months. Because Mars is your ruling planet, you’re apt to be sensitive to its upcoming retrograde cycle, which can put you in touch with strong emotions such as passion or anger. As the month progresses, set aside some time to notice what emotions are brewing and find a healthy outlet to channel your energy towards a positive outcome.

This month’s Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 will highlight your big picture dreams. It’s possible that something you’ve been working towards will show results around this time, or that you’ll get the missing information needed to proceed with a goal. Friendships and community will be especially important around this time—do some networking and contribute your time or money to a meaningful cause.

Mercury will move into Leo on August 4, which will support creative efforts as well as romantic communications. Creative writing projects will feel some flow this month, and it will be an excellent time to enjoy music, art, and other performing arts. Support your local artists by attending video live stream concerts or purchasing hand-made goods online.

Venus will ingress into Cancer on the 7th, which could inspire you to make your living space more cozy. Use this month for home-related projects as well as nurturing activities such as cooking and doing something thoughtful for a family member. 

The Sun will be in Leo most of the month, and this month’s New Moon will be on August 18, at 26 degrees of Leo. You’ll be supported to set intentions related to romantic partnership, creative expression, building self-confidence, and cultivating joy in your daily life. If you’re not already a member, sign up for a membership here to gain access to the most powerful times to set your New Moon intentions.

The Sun will enter Virgo on the 22nd, which will help you to focus on work and get organized. Use the energy at the end of the month to structure your time and ensure you are sticking to some healthy habits.

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