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Daily Horoscope
Friday, June 21, 2024

Others may be competitive or create conflict today. Assert your position without being confrontational.

Monthly Horoscope
June 2024

You’ll likely feel full of energy and mental stamina as the month begins, Aries. You’re apt to be fielding lots of communications and meeting new people during the first half of the month while both Mercury and Venus are in Gemini. This month’s New Moon is also in the sign of Gemini, encouraging you to initiate new conversations and make important connections.

The New Moon will be on June 6 at 16 degrees of Gemini, supporting your intentions related to communication, learning, new ideas, and gathering information. The days following June 6 will be especially powerful for first-time meetings and getting your message heard.

Mars, your ruling planet, will be in your sign as the month begins, before moving into Taurus on June 9. The first week of the month will be a great time to take decisive action and entertain new ideas. Starting June 9, Mars, ruler of ambition and passion will express itself in steady Taurus, making the remainder of the month a great time to demonstrate your ability to follow a plan through from start to finish. 

When Venus moves into Cancer on June 17, you could be craving a slower pace of life that allows you to connect with loved ones. The second half of June is ideal for vacationing or simply enjoying some downtime at home. Consider hosting a cozy party and making some decorating improvements that help your home to feel more inviting.

On June 20, the Sun will move into Cancer in alignment with the Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere this date marks the Summer Solstice, and in the Southern Hemisphere it signals the beginning of Winter. But all over the world, the energy of Cancer will be felt at this time. Use the days around the 20th to reflect on your year so far, and let the people around you know how much you appreciate them. Think quality time over quantity.

On June 21, we’ll have a Full Moon at 2 degrees Capricorn, in a tense square to your Sun. If you were born on or around March 22, of any year, or have around 2 degrees Aries rising, you’ll be feeling the greatest amount of emotional intensity at this Full Moon. All Aries people could be called to “rise to the occasion” in some way by stepping up to a challenge. It will also be a great time to receive recognition for your commitment and hard work.

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Astrological Events Timeline for 2024


Created by Chief Astrologer Stephanie Shea, this handy timeline includes the major astrological events of 2024 including Eclipses, Retrogrades, Outer Planet Aspects, and Outer Planet and North Node sign changes. Designed to be printed and hung on refrigerators or other places that can be referred to easily, this timeline will help you see the year at a glance and remind you of the important upcoming astrology.