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By Stephanie Shea
Capricorn (12/21 - 1/20)

The Sun will be in Scorpio and your 11th house of friendship and community through the 21st. This will be a great month to solidify long term friendships. During the first few weeks of November, you may feel more like spending time with close friends one-on-one, rather than attending large gatherings.

Venus will be retrograde in Libra and your 10th house of career and public image until the 16th. Former work contacts, teachers, or professional mentors could offer you the support you need to take on a challenge. Due to the shadow phase of this phenomenon, we may be feeling the reflective nature of Venus retrograde until December 17th. It won’t be good timing to commit to a new career path, but you will be successful when you focus on finishing what you started.

The November 7th New Moon will be in Scorpio and your 11th house of friendship and community. Use the power of this New Moon to set intentions related to intimacy, maintaining your close friendships, combining resources with others, addressing hidden problems, and strategizing to help those who are less fortunate.

Because the retrograde energies will be strong this month, realize that some of your intentions may take time to unfold. By this time next month, you may also realize you don’t want what you think you want now. Make note of your intentions, then revisit them on the December 6th new Moon.

On the 8th, Jupiter will move into Sagittarius and your 12th house of the subconscious and spirituality. This will end Jupiter’s stay of approximately a year in Scorpio, which emphasized opportunity that came from a willingness to let go of something that no longer works for you. Once Jupiter is more comfortably placed in Sagittarius, the sign it rules, we’ll feel more ease in receiving the gifts this generous planet has to offer. For the next year, you’ll be especially blessed with opportunities for spiritual growth, developing your intuition, and psychological healing.

Mercury will station retrograde in Sagittarius on the 16th, initiating a cycle that will last until December 6th. This Mercury retrograde will signify a time for Capricorns to turn their attention inward. Look for messages in your dreams or from your spiritual higher power. Take time for contemplation between now and December 24th, when we’ve cleared the shadow of Mercury retrograde.

The Gemini Full Moon on the 22nd will be in your 6th house of daily work and wellness. It will be an excellent time to complete work-related projects and network for business or pleasure.

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

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