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By Stephanie Shea
Daily Horoscope
Friday, March 01, 2024

Too much talking can get you into trouble today. For now, release the need to be in control. Go aloof and become more concerned and caring about the others involved.

Monthly Horoscope
March 2024

March will be a dynamic month for you, Capricorn. You’re in store for some bigger changes, and when you look back on 2024, you’ll probably see this month as a turning point. Take bold action towards your goals before we enter the shadow phase of Mercury retrograde in Aries on March 20. The days through March 8 will be a good time to address sensitive topics and take a soft approach. The 8th through 19th could feel challenging, especially when it comes to family matters. Do your best to stay patient and avoid trying to take control of things that aren’t your responsibility.

The Sun will move into Aries on March 19, signifying the Astrological New Year! You can use the days after the 19th to get motivated on anything you’ve been procrastinating. Home related projects will be favored—consider scheduling a party or other event in your home to give you a deadline for home improvements. 

The March 10 New Moon will be at 20 degrees of Pisces, activating your creative mind. Use the power of this New Moon to set intentions related to communications, marketing, advertising, learning, and mental clarity. You can also focus on making connections in your community and helping others in need.

Venus will be in Aquarius through March 10, making the first part of the month especially good for attracting financially beneficial opportunities. On March 11, Venus will enter Pisces, lending a compassionate vibe to your interactions with others. Resist the urge to try and handle tough problems by yourself—this will be an ideal time to ask for help. People will remember how much you’ve helped them in the past and be eager to give back to you.

Mars will be in Aquarius through March 21, giving you support for money-making endeavors. You’ll be in a strong position to take charge of your finances, and others are likely to take notice of your abilities. When Mars moves into Pisces March 22, you may feel some frustration due to indirect communications. Try not to be part of the problem. Take a direct, but gentle approach for best results. Avoidance will only draw out uncomfortable matters longer.

We’ll experience a Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees of Libra on March 25, in a tense square to your Sun. If you were born on or around December 27, of any year, or have around 5 degrees Capricorn rising, you could feel the greatest amount of emotional intensity at this Full Moon Eclipse. However, for all Capricorn people, this could be an extremely satisfying time when your hard work finally garners the results and recognition you deserve. You could be thrust into a leadership role, but you won’t be asked to do anything you aren’t fully capable of doing.

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Astrological Events Timeline for 2023


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