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By Stephanie Shea
Taurus (4/21 - 5/21)

You could be in the spotlight this month, Taurus! The Full Moon on the 12th will be in your Sun sign, helping you to see personal situations with greater clarity and giving others the ability to recognize your accomplishments. If you were born May 9th - 12th, of any year, you’ll probably be feeling extra emotional at this Full Moon. Pay attention to strong feelings that emerge, but sit with them for a while before taking action.

Mercury will be retrograde in Scorpio until the 20th, activating relationship energy related to the past. A former partner could resurface in your life around this time. Don’t assume you’re meant to reunite permanently. Stay focused in the moment and on what you need for closure on the past.

Meanwhile, the powerful planets of Saturn and Pluto will be forging ahead in your 9th house of travel, adventure, and higher education. These areas of life will be activated during all of 2020, and you may be experiencing external or internal motivation to embrace some new life experiences. Because we’ll be feeling the effects of Mercury retrograde all month—the shadow phase ends on December 7th—try not to commit to a new adventure just yet. This will be a powerful month to research opportunities and develop your existing skills. 

Saturn and Neptune will be in an exact sextile all month. This favorable aspect will give you the discipline needed to master a creative skill. A class or group could offer you the structure needed to take your vision from dream stage to reality. 

The Sun will be in Scorpio through the 21st, fostering intimacy in your closest relationships. Use these days to spend quality one-on-one time with loved ones. On the 22nd, The Sun will ingress into Sagittarius. From this date on, your love life may begin to look a bit more exciting. If single, you may be intrigued by someone from a different culture. 

The New Moon will be November 26th, offering a chance for new beginnings related to intimacy and shared finance. We’ll still be in the shadow phase of Mercury retrograde at this New Moon. Avoid commitments involving your heart or bank account until after December 7th.

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Thursday, November 21, 2019

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