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By Stephanie Shea
MARCH 2019
Cancer (6/21 - 7/23)

This month’s astrology will encourage you to embrace your sense of adventure and entertain new philosophies. Use the available energy to explore new ideas and gain an understanding of those with differing viewpoints. It will be a good month for learning—either in a classroom setting or in the school of life.

Uranus will be in the sign of Taurus from March 6, 2019, until April 26, 2026. This will be a significant shift of energy, as Uranus only changes signs approximately every seven or eight years and takes 84 years to circle the zodiac. Uranus is a rapid change agent, pushing people to take steps necessary for their growth.

With this planet activating your 11th house of friendship and community, you’re scheduled to find the individuals and groups that inspire your unique creativity. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes in front of others. Trial and error will serve you well and help you to attract supportive people into your life.

This month’s New Moon will also occur on March 6th, activating your 9th house of travel, adventure, and higher education. It will be great timing to set goals related to those areas of life. Leave your options open, and focus on what you need to release in order to make room for new growth to occur.

Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces this month, helping you to reconnect with your inner guidance. You could be motivated to update existing skills or re-learn something you’ve forgotten. If you have travel plans this month, be sure to allow extra time in your schedule to arrive at your destination and double check the details of your itinerary. Delays and miscommunications will be more likely, but if you adopt a “go with the flow” attitude, you could find that unexpected detours offer you just what your spirit needs.

This month’s Full Moon will fall on March 20th, the same day as the Vernal Equinox. It will be a powerful time to assess your living situation and/or relationship with a family member. Collaborative efforts may be required to restore balance in these areas of your life. Take your time to determine what’s necessary to bring more harmony into your home, and if sensitive issues arise, wait until a few days after the Full Moon has passed to discuss them with loved ones.

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

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