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By Stephanie Shea
Cancer (6/21 - 7/23)

You’ll be well positioned to make a great first impression this month, Cancer. The Sun will be in Virgo lighting up your 3rd house of learning and communication through the 22nd. Written or verbal messages will be favored. Organize your thoughts and let your ideas be heard. It’s possible that you’ll be marketing yourself or another person’s business, and it will be a fantastic time to network and make valuable connections. Use the available energy to build lasting relationships and bring people together for a common cause.

This month’s Full Moon in Pisces on the 14th will light up your 9th house of travel, adventure, and higher education. What may have seemed like a daydream related to any of these areas of life could be revealed as a possibility. Your ability to keep the faith will be highlighted. Don’t shut down your ideas before they have a chance to take root. A wise mentor may offer you just the illumination you’ve been waiting for. Your Sun sign is particularly “lunar attuned,” and with this month’s Full Moon in watery Pisces, you could feel a bit of emotional overload. Be sure to schedule some time foryourself to listen to music and feel what you need to feel. 

On the 18th, Saturn will station direct, activating your desire for constructive partnerships. Saturn has been retrograde since April 30th of this year, traveling through your 7th house of partnership. Relationships of all types—personal, romantic, or professional—are slated for an upgrade. Even the most solid alliances could use some shoring up, and this astrology will help you to support those around you and to take personal responsibility for your role in successful collaborations. It will be an excellent time to explore a new relationship or take an existing partnership to the next level of commitment.

The Equinox on September 23rd will mark the Sun’s ingress into Libra. A harmonious energy will encourage fair negotiations and a balanced assessment of your current position, especially in relation to your home and family life. Use the power of the Libra New Moon on the 28th to set intentions related to marriage, domestic peace, real estate transactions, home remodeling or redecorating, and nurturing family ties.

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

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