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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Stubbornness can block you from getting what you want today. Temporarily release your own needs for attention and re-focus on having empathy for another- self-respect will be the result.

Monthly Horoscope
July 2021

Happy birthday, Cancer! You’re in store for an exciting month ahead. We’re finished with Eclipse Season and Mercury will be direct this month. We clear the shadow phase of Mercury’s last retrograde cycle on July 8. This is great timing since we have a New Moon in Cancer on July 9 that signifies your astrological new year.

The July 9 New Moon will be at 18 degrees Cancer, supporting your personal goals not just for the next Moon cycle but also for the coming year. If you were born on or around July 9, or have around 9 degrees Cancer rising, this is an especially important New Moon for you. You’re in store for big changes in the year ahead. All Cancer and Cancer rising people will be able to use this New Moon to jump start your new ideas and attract what you want in the year ahead.

On July 11, Mercury will move into your Sun sign, where it will remain until July 26. This will make July a particularly good month for communications and presenting your ideas in a way that will be well received by others. You’ll probably be thinking clearly and ready to make a strategy for the future. Make some important decisions and commit to a plan. 

We’ll experience a romantic Mars-Venus conjunction in Leo on July 13. These two relationship planets will come together to help us find balance in our romantic partnerships and feel loved for who we are. This will also be good astrology for your bank account! The combined energy of Mars and Venus can help you know when to go for it, and when to take a step back and wait for things to come to you. Creative ventures will be strongly supported, and you will do well to capitalize on your ideas.

The Full Moon July 23 will be at 1 degree of Aquarius, putting an emphasis on intimate relationships and shared finance. Avoid getting pulled into other people’s dramas and take a detached stance. Cancers are known to be “Lunar Attuned,” meaning you might feel extra emotional around the Full Moon. 

You can get a heads up on this by preparing before the Full Moon and giving yourself and others space. It can also be helpful to consider the Aquarian perspective, which keeps the future and the good of all in mind, without getting bogged down with the intensity of the moment. The mantra “this too shall pass” will serve you well and participate in activities that bring you peace of mind.

On July 28, Jupiter will re-enter the sign of Aquarius and enter its final journey through this sign before it moves into Pisces at the end of the year. Between now and December 27, you’re scheduled for a growth spurt that will help you to navigate intimate relationships more skillfully. You’ll need to put in more of your own elbow grease between now and October 18 while Jupiter is retrograde. The effort you put forth now can really pay off after Jupiter stations direct.

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Astrological Events Timeline for 2021


(8 1/2 x 11 size PDF file)
Created by Chief Astrologer Stephanie Shea, this handy timeline includes the major astrological events of 2020 including Eclipses, Retrogrades, Outer Planet Aspects, and Outer Planet and North Node sign changes. Designed to be printed and hung on refrigerators or other places that can be referred to easily, this timeline will help you see the year at a glance and remind you of the important upcoming astrology.


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